Off Narrative

Despite my reservations about judicial over-reach, the political response is certainly worth noting. This would be sure to drive the GOP-haters and the Trump-demonizers up the wall, if they bothered to consider it:

The Current Moment

Politics at Play

Bruce Bawer, reviewing David Horowitz’s latest book, writes:

“One demographic study after another has shown that the Democrats would never win another presidential election if they lost most of the black vote; and they richly deserve to lose the black vote, because their policies over the last half century have devastated black communities, black families, black schools, and black jobs.”

I think this goes a long way in explaining what we’re now seeing.

Buttigieg Ends His Historic White House Bid

And finally…

A Gay Milestone, Ignored or Disparaged

Well, it’s not like the Human Rights Campaign was a gay advocacy group or anything.


From Andrew Sullivan, who is No Fan of our president:

The Human Rights Campaign’s Twitter feed has made no mention at all — even as they are rightly touting the first lesbian mother in Congress. Why is the first openly gay Cabinet member a nonevent? Because he’s a conservative. And to the activist left and too many of the Establishment liberals in the gay movement, that means he’s not really gay.

An example of the disparagement:

Strange Bedfellows

Earlier, I made a similar point about conservatives and LGB critics of trans radicalism, but focused on opposition to the child transition movement.


More Leftwing Critiques of Buttigieg

As the race for the Democratic nomination looks like it might narrow down to Pete vs. Bernie, the Hard Left and Queer Left go on the offensive (and not, rest assured, because Buttigieg sees no place for pro-life or even abortion-moderate Democrats in his party).

Fearless Political Predictions

If Pete Buttigieg wins the nomination: His inexperience and embrace of many extreme positions (which he doesn’t seem to realize are, from the viewpoints of a great many Americans, truly extreme, especially his abortion absolutism), means Trump wins.

If Bernie Sanders wins the nomination: The exposure of his years lionizing communist dictatorships, which his fellow Democrats have given him a pass on (hoping to pick up his supporters), and the far-left economic-redistributionist policies he still holds mean Trump wins in a landslide.

If Joe Biden wins the nomination: He increasingly seems old and befuddled and Trump wins.

If Mike Bloomberg wins the nomination: Trump is the “blue-collar billionaire”; Bloomberg is just a globalist capitalist who champions policies that hollowed out industrial America. Trump wins.

If Elizabeth Warren wins the nomination: She won’t.

If Amy Klobuchar wins the nomination: At this point, she’s a wild card who, if she hews toward moderate, centrist positions, has a shot. But she hasn’t really been tested and vetted, so odds are still Trump wins.