No Longer a ‘Gay’ Movement, for Sure

For gay men and lesbians, the LGBTQ+ movement has marginalized our identities and erased our history with false narratives. It’s also put gay and lesbian youth at great risk of being lured into horrific medicalized “gender affirming” conversion therapies. And nothing will change (except things getting worse) until gay men and lesbians realize what’s happened and work to recreate a movement focused on our rights and well-being.

Added: The appropriate response to rightwing attacks focused on TQ+ extremism (but also extending to undermine acceptance of gay people) should not be to circle the wagons and defend TQ+ extremism!

Worth repeating:

Where Things Stand

Continuing on from prior posts about the new anti-LGBTQ+ backlash and how trans-extremism, especially when directed at encouraging gender-nonconforming minors to transition, is undermining the hard-fought gains that gays and lesbians have made:

More About Trans Ideology and the New Homophobia

Andrew Sullivan’s substack is firewalled but here are some highlights on queer theory and gay erasure:

Via City Journal:

An astute prediction:

Trans Ideology and the New Homophobia

Ben Appel writes:

All around me, it seemed, straight people were spontaneously identifying into my community and then policing our behaviours and customs. I began to think that this broadening of the ‘trans’ and ‘queer’ umbrella was giving a hell of a lot of people a free pass to express their homophobia. …

I wondered how different these so-called trans kids were from the little boy I had been. Obviously, I grew up to be a gay man and not a transwoman. But how could gender clinicians tell the difference between a young boy expressing his homosexuality through gender nonconformity, and someone ‘born in the wrong body’? I decided to dig deeper into the real history of medical transition.

It’s well worth reading.

More from Ben Appel:

And then there’s this:

And this:

Also worth pondering:

Gender-Identity Culture Wars Roll On


The Meaning of Mulvaney

After the makers of Bud Light beer partnered with trans TikTok “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney to promote their product to a presumably young, hip market niche, the cultural right reacted. Boycotts rarely work long term, and Anheuser-Busch says it has used various “influencers” to market its beer. Nevertheless, the brouhaha brings to light what Mulvaney is apparently influencing through Tiktok, and it looks a lot like promoting the transing of gender nonconforming gay boys. Andrew Sullivan takes a look.

And for those interested in the “brouhaha”:

Debate and Engagement on Transgender Issues

Brad Polumbo ably explains the libertarian/classical liberal view that people have the right to live their lives according to their own values as long as they afford others the same right — a perspective opposed by cultural conservatives who want the state to restrict advocacy of transgenderism and by woke LGBTQ+ activists who want to close down debate on controversies such as medical transitioning of minors and bio males competing in women’s sports, as embraced by those who tried to cancel this event and block people from attending.