Fairness for All

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More on the Left’s Meldown Over Buttigieg

There are no words that can capture what the progressive left “thinks” (sic).

Personally, I’m disappointed Buttigieg hasn’t defended feeding the cold and hungry directly instead of raising taxes to give to bureaucrats who funnel the money to partisan activists after seeing that consultants get a big share, which the left believes is the acceptable way to feed the cold and hungry.

A Not So United Coalition

More Mayor Pete from the twitterverse:

Slow news cycle for gay political news, so we’ll turn again to Mayor Pete’s historic run and the challenges he faces.

The LGBTQ left is growing more deranged:

Republican presidential candidates often garner over 20% of the self-identified gay vote per exit polls. George W. Bush got 21% in 2004, in an exit poll of LGB voters, down from 25% in 2000. John McCain hit a high point of 27% in 2008, while Mitt Romney won 23% in 2012.

Donald Trump drew about 14% LGBT support. I think he’s likely to do better in 2020, but we’ll see (adding “Ts” and “Qs” provides a different voter pool than LBG, so that’s a factor). In any event, he has more gay support than the LGBT media is willing to acknowledge.

Erasing Gayness

LGBTQ activists want to outlaw “talking” conversion therapy for gay kids but oppose outlawing physical interventions to turn gay kids into heterosexuals.

Another Mayor Pete News Roundup

Time for another look at Mayor Pete making news:

This is the “like Obama, for worse,” part:

Unerasing Gay Kids

Relevant tweets:

As above, many parents who want to transition their gender nonconforming children seem not so much homophobic as trans-enraptured.

The result, however, is the same—transitioning gender nonconforming children is the ultimate conversion therapy, but supported by progressives because “woke.”

Defending LGB

From the comments, Jackson writes:

Ironic, isn’t it. The LGBTQ activists embrace the idea that if a 7-year-old boy likes to play with dolls and make-up he should be told he’s a girl and given chemicals so he doesn’t develop into a man. What could be a more reactionary approach to gender roles? Whereas an arch conservative is left to call this out as destructive nonsense.

He adds that:

The LGBTQ movement, with its embrace of spoils system identity politics and academic queer theory, has become progressively anti religious freedom, anti free speech [as well as] anti gay.

Others helpfully comment that one must never, ever, EVER challenge the views of the alphabet people.