Erasing Gayness

Unerasing Gay Kids

Relevant tweets:

As above, many parents who want to transition their gender nonconforming children seem not so much homophobic as trans-enraptured.

The result, however, is the same—transitioning gender nonconforming children is the ultimate conversion therapy, but supported by progressives because “woke.”

Defending LGB

From the comments, Jackson writes:

Ironic, isn’t it. The LGBTQ activists embrace the idea that if a 7-year-old boy likes to play with dolls and make-up he should be told he’s a girl and given chemicals so he doesn’t develop into a man. What could be a more reactionary approach to gender roles? Whereas an arch conservative is left to call this out as destructive nonsense.

He adds that:

The LGBTQ movement, with its embrace of spoils system identity politics and academic queer theory, has become progressively anti religious freedom, anti free speech [as well as] anti gay.

Others helpfully comment that one must never, ever, EVER challenge the views of the alphabet people.

Whose Movement Is It Anyway?

I think Brad captures this history well:

After the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide in the landmark 2015 decision Obergefell v. Hodges, many believed the fight for gay rights would begin to wind down. Yet that didn’t happen. Instead, the LGBT-advocacy sector simply redirected its available staff, fundraising and rhetoric to other projects. …In a relatively short period of time, the gay-rights movement fused with more radical campus-based gender and identity-politics movements, to become the compound movement now known as “LGBTQ+”—lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, “queer” and more. Even many people within the movement now have trouble keeping up with all the new subcategories contained within that plus sign. …
None of these bizarre neologisms have any resonance to those of us who joined the gay-rights movement simply to affirm and protect the basic rights of people to be who they are and love who they choose without stigma or legal sanction. We’ve been forced to watch the simple moral logic of non-discrimination be transformed into a self-parodic alphabet soup of invented identities.

And worth repeating:

The Saga of James Younger


Update: Video at “Mommy says I’m a girl.”

James’ father:

“I’m looking out for the best interests of James, my son. When James is with me, he shows no signs of wanting to be a girl when given the choice. Even when in female company, away from me, James rejects a female gender expression.”

Update: Judge Kim Cooks has now given Jeff Younger a say in his seven-year-old son James’s gender-transition process, but she has also placed a gag order on the father, forbidding him from discussing the case further. What’s troubling is that earlier this year, the same judge prevented Jeff Younger from getting a second opinion from an independent psychologist or psychiatrist on whether James has gender dysphoria.


LGBTQ activists and media now fully support the view that a boy who likes dolls and otherwise doesn’t conform to masculine stereotypes should be told he’s a girl and put on the road to gender transitioning.

Woke parents prefer transitioning their children if they don’t reflect gender stereotypes. Who will stand up and protect gay kids?

From what we’re told, he sounds more like an effeminate gay boy, to be chemically castrated at age 7 (at his mother’s request, over the strong objections of his father). Is this America or Iran? It’s the woke LGBTQ activists who “don’t give a damn about this child.”

Tyler O’Neil writes:

Where did Georgulas get the idea that her son was “really” her daughter? According to The Texan, the mother said her son liked the movie Frozen and asked to get a “girl toy” from McDonald’s. She also claimed he expressing a desire to wear girl’s clothing.
[Jeffrey] Younger claims that Georgulas had started putting James in dresses and painting his nails when he was three years old. The father also claims his ex-wife locked James in his room and told him that “the monsters only eat boys.” He claims that Georgulas would withhold affection from James if he did not act like a girl.