Buttigieg Ends His Historic White House Bid

And finally…

A Gay Milestone, Ignored or Disparaged

Well, it’s not like the Human Rights Campaign was a gay advocacy group or anything.


From Andrew Sullivan, who is No Fan of our president:

The Human Rights Campaign’s Twitter feed has made no mention at all — even as they are rightly touting the first lesbian mother in Congress. Why is the first openly gay Cabinet member a nonevent? Because he’s a conservative. And to the activist left and too many of the Establishment liberals in the gay movement, that means he’s not really gay.

An example of the disparagement:

Strange Bedfellows

Earlier, I made a similar point about conservatives and LGB critics of trans radicalism, but focused on opposition to the child transition movement.


More Leftwing Critiques of Buttigieg

As the race for the Democratic nomination looks like it might narrow down to Pete vs. Bernie, the Hard Left and Queer Left go on the offensive (and not, rest assured, because Buttigieg sees no place for pro-life or even abortion-moderate Democrats in his party).

Fearless Political Predictions

If Pete Buttigieg wins the nomination: His inexperience and embrace of many extreme positions (which he doesn’t seem to realize are, from the viewpoints of a great many Americans, truly extreme, especially his abortion absolutism), means Trump wins.

If Bernie Sanders wins the nomination: The exposure of his years lionizing communist dictatorships, which his fellow Democrats have given him a pass on (hoping to pick up his supporters), and the far-left economic-redistributionist policies he still holds mean Trump wins in a landslide.

If Joe Biden wins the nomination: He increasingly seems old and befuddled and Trump wins.

If Mike Bloomberg wins the nomination: Trump is the “blue-collar billionaire”; Bloomberg is just a globalist capitalist who champions policies that hollowed out industrial America. Trump wins.

If Elizabeth Warren wins the nomination: She won’t.

If Amy Klobuchar wins the nomination: At this point, she’s a wild card who, if she hews toward moderate, centrist positions, has a shot. But she hasn’t really been tested and vetted, so odds are still Trump wins.



Buttigieg, Faith and Abortion

Timothy P. Carney writes:

Democrats such as Buttigieg could reach socially conservative Christian voters, argues Kathy Winter, chairwoman of the Osceola County Democratic Party, by preaching “kindness, compassion, and caring about all of your friends and neighbors — to the born as well as the unborn too.”
Such a message “could reach a lot of conservative voters here,” Arnett argued. Pro-lifers could come to term with pro-choice Democrats who pursue policies that curb abortion while not banning the procedure. “Saying, ‘Hey, I’m just as committed as you are. Just we have different policies.’”
But no national Democrats push that line. No national Democrat will preach “compassion and caring about … the unborn,” as Winter puts it. Buttigieg doesn’t want abortion curtailed. In his stump speech, Buttigieg describes abortion as “reproductive healthcare” and refers to legal abortion as a crucial “freedom.”

More on the Left’s Meldown Over Buttigieg

There are no words that can capture what the progressive left “thinks” (sic).

Personally, I’m disappointed Buttigieg hasn’t defended feeding the cold and hungry directly instead of raising taxes to give to bureaucrats who funnel the money to partisan activists after seeing that consultants get a big share, which the left believes is the acceptable way to feed the cold and hungry.

A Not So United Coalition

More Mayor Pete from the twitterverse:

Slow news cycle for gay political news, so we’ll turn again to Mayor Pete’s historic run and the challenges he faces.

The LGBTQ left is growing more deranged:

Republican presidential candidates often garner over 20% of the self-identified gay vote per exit polls. George W. Bush got 21% in 2004, in an exit poll of LGB voters, down from 25% in 2000. John McCain hit a high point of 27% in 2008, while Mitt Romney won 23% in 2012.

Donald Trump drew about 14% LGBT support. I think he’s likely to do better in 2020, but we’ll see (adding “Ts” and “Qs” provides a different voter pool than LBG, so that’s a factor). In any event, he has more gay support than the LGBT media is willing to acknowledge.

Beto’s Unsmart Idea (and more)

The leading Democratic candidates have a knack for pushing each other further and further to the left — massive wealth redistribution through taxation, gun confiscation, taxpayer-paid abortion on demand until the point of natural birth, “free” college tuition for all, “cancelation” of student loan obligations, etc. etc. But O’Rourke’s latest proposal is so incendiary it may give the others pause.