Gender-Identity Culture Wars Roll On


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  1. posted by Kosh III on

    assert blatant falsehoods as real and then act on them

    You mean like climate change is a Chinese plot?
    “Trump tweeted in 2019 that Alabama was one of the states at greater risk from Hurricane Dorian than had been initially forecast. The federal weather office in Birmingham then tweeted that, actually, Alabama would be unaffected by the storm.

    Not great, but fixable fast with a simple White House correction. Trump, however, is so congenitally unwilling to admit error that he embarked on an increasingly farcical campaign to prove that his incorrect Alabama tweet was actually correct, eventually showcasing a hurricane map that was crudely altered with a Sharpie.

    The slapstick might have been funny had White House officials not leaped into action behind the scenes to try to pressure federal weather experts into saying he was right and they were wrong.”

    Obama wasn’t born in Hawai’i and his birth wasn’t annouonced in the Honolulu Register

    the Central Park 5 were guilty even after the real culprit confessed.

    Need more? The Washington Post lists 30570 more.

  2. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Yeah — I say sarcastically — blue-nosed bigots were just minding their own business (as bigots tend to do) and suddenly transgender people landed their spaceship….

  3. posted by Robbie on

    More woke snark and irrelevant “whataboutisms” from progressive commenters who won’t/can’t engage with the facts as presented.

    • posted by Edward TJ Brown on

      I have some (classical) liberal ideas, some conservative ideas, and even a few libertarian ideas.

    • posted by Kosh III on

      What’s to say? This is another reich-wing phony problem pumped out by propagandists to rile up the base as a distraction from genuine issues.
      What’s so terrible about an adult making a decision regarding gender? Or for a child, for parents in conjunction with medical experts makes a decision?

      The only reason I care about this is because it is a tactic with the final goal of destroying the lives of gay people and others and turn the clock back to 1950 or is it 1850?

  4. posted by Jorge on

    “One of the hallmarks of Leftist methodology is to assert blatant falsehoods as real and then act on them—with the fierce urgency of now!—as if they were true… And they’re getting bolder.”

    They certainly are.

    the Central Park 5 were guilty even after the real culprit confessed.

    The Central Park Five are guilty as sin. They confessed to all being present and taking part in the attack, though none confessed to being the rapist. A culprit came forward years later and alleged he acted alone. He may have been the culprit, but it was patently ridiculous to credit his claim of acting alone entirely when it could have had a self-serving element to it–he got five prisoners freed.

    • posted by Jorge on

      Oh, excuse me, he didn’t get them freed. He got them “exonerated.” Cheer-cheer!

      I don’t know why it’s so difficult to believe a criminal might lie after the fact.

      • posted by Kosh III on

        Not difficult at all. We’ve seen thousands of lies come out of the mouth of Trump and his sycophants.

    • posted by Kosh III on

      Still guilty huh? so you’re more knowledgeable than a court of law? Where’s your law degree from? Judge Judy School of Law?

  5. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Kosh III

    Ohhh snap! You go, girl!

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