Debate and Engagement on Transgender Issues

Brad Polumbo ably explains the libertarian/classical liberal view that people have the right to live their lives according to their own values as long as they afford others the same right — a perspective opposed by cultural conservatives who want the state to restrict advocacy of transgenderism and by woke LGBTQ+ activists who want to close down debate on controversies such as medical transitioning of minors and bio males competing in women’s sports, as embraced by those who tried to cancel this event and block people from attending.

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    I’m looking forward to the day when the gay rights movement says, “Mission Accomplished”.

    • posted by Edward on

      Given how that worked for Bush jr….

  2. posted by acoolerclimate on

    The trans issue is causing issues for the gay community lately. This past weekend I was at a retreat center for gay men. One of the workshops was around being naked and celebrating the bodies of our gay brothers. The event is billed for all men who identify as gay. There was a discussion after on whether trans gay men would be invited. The answer was yes, and no one would know there was going to be a trans man at the event. I said I wouldn’t want to attend if I was going to have to touch a vagina and have that person touch me. The answer was if I don’t want that, I would have to not attend.
    I’ve been thinking about this a lot. In further discussion, it was decided by most everyone that the trans train has arrived, and us gay men can either get on board, or become dinosaurs. There won’t be many events in the future for just biological male gay men anymore. It’s a competing interest. Who should get their way? The trans men who want to be part of the community or gay biological men who only want other gay biological men at events?
    The whole world is deciding that us biological gay men must be on board with including vagina and fake penises into our world. I don’t know what the answer is. I do not understand why a straight women would want to go through the process of drugs, surgeries, etc to become gay men. As straight women they can go to events with straight men and be with people who truly want them. They can even be as masculine as they want to be. But why try to actually become men and cause all of us grief over our lost community or having to become bisexual? In order to accommodate them, I have to give up my likes and dislikes, and do things that make me uncomfortable. But they don’t have to accommodate my needs and desires at all to get what they want.
    I know this isn’t going to change. I will have to get on board or not get to go anywhere.
    Thoughts? I was quite taken aback at how many gay men stated they would in fact be comfortable with a vagina.

  3. posted by Robbie on

    acoolerclimate, you are certainly not the only gay man who feels this way. You might want to check out the LGB Alliance on Twitter ( and Facebook ( or this LGB Alliance Facebook group (

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