Courting Backlash

And who couldn’t see this coming?

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  1. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Isn’t Mr. B into some really kinky stuff?

    • posted by Jorge on

      We can’t all be as conservative as Catwoman. For every Michelle Pfeiffer there’s a fink like Halle Berry.

    • posted by Agee on

      Edward TJ Brown: “Isn’t Mr. B into some really kinky stuff?”

      No, and if you read his articles or books — they ones that got him condemned by the LGBTQ left for being such an “assimilationist” — you would know that before launching an ad hominin attack.

      • posted by Edward TJ Brown on

        Yes, he is. I have liberal ideas and liked reading, A Place At The Table way back in high school.

  2. posted by Ricport on

    Bawer gives Trump far too much credit. Trump is for whoever thinks he’s wonderful. If that’s gays for Trump, great. If it’s the far right, great.

    But what he does get right is the fact that the loony left has gone way off the deep end by silencing any meaningful debate over the trans issue, the “it’s a good idea to take kids to gay bars/drag shows” issue, and other insane ideas, which in turn only gives the talibangelicals and far-right folks ammo to establish/bolster their credibility with the mainstream public.

    When you are actually advocating taking children to gay bars (or any bars, for that matter), and having them hang around drag queens, you know you’ve gone way off the deep end.

  3. posted by Jorge on

    “…In this process, Donald Trump played a decisive role. For a quarter century, gay-bashing had been a constant feature of GOP presidential campaigns; today, #NeverTrump Republicans pretend that until Trump came along, their party embodied decency and class. On the contrary, it was the party that could always be relied on to whip up antigay bigotry to win elections, thereby alienating gay voters who otherwise might readily have given it their support…”

    Bawer gives Trump far too much credit. Trump is for whoever thinks he’s wonderful. If that’s gays for Trump, great. If it’s the far right, great.

    Personally I credit Rick Santorum and George W. Bush for making that kind of environment socially possible in the Republican party, and Dick Cheney for making it intellectually possible, but they don’t make good cartoon heroes. Trump was pleased to take the opportunity, and I’m quite happy about that. I’m much less happy that Peter Thiel has been supporting candidates endorsed by Donald Trump.

    I otherwise agree with how Bauer laid it out. I’m also grateful the racist far-right got suffocated during his administration, except for this website blogger’s namesake. I think Trump would have been a great president if he hadn’t constantly attempted to erode democracy, botched the response to the Black Lives Matter riots for short-term political gain (either that or because everyone was scared he was eroding democracy), accelerated the growth of a new far-right in his last year of office (aren’t you glad one of the leaders of the 1/6 attack on the Capitol is Hispanic/Latino?), attempted a coup d’etat against the US Congress, and repeatedly tweeted as if he wanted to perform a Saddam Hussein-style purge of the Republican party and the US political system as a whole. At least he gave us Neil Gorsuch as author the wonderfully conservatively written Bolstock decision.

  4. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Masked Draq queens take up arms to protect a right-wing attack of a family friendly drag show.

    Naturally, the right-wing will quickly defend these armed draq queens as exercising a fundamental right……

    • posted by Edward TJ Brown on

      Still waiting for the right-wing to defend the 2nd Amendment rights of drag queens……

  5. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    … support on the right is diminishing for gay legal equality …

    The right’s support for legal equality for gays and lesbians was, to say the least, underwhelming, each and every step along the way.

  6. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Historically, Social Democrats were often part of the libertarian-left. They were the first to back gay rights (and even some backed labor rights for prostitutes).

    The sexual/puritanical and political/authoritarian attitudes were largely from the Communists. Karl Marx took already existing socialism and made it socially reactionary and politically very “top-down” hierarchy.

    The Libertarian right came later and has been slow to do anything that alienated them from religious conservatives, who promise a more libertarian economic policy on taxes, spending, etc.

  7. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    This is not to say that the libertarian right can’t do some good things for LGBTQ rights, just they really prefer tax cuts for the rich

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