HRC’s ‘Emergency’ Declaration

The Human Rights Campaign issues a warning to be afraid…be very afraid:

Via the Washington Times:
>>Mr. Moran said the problem is that HRC has redefined support for LGBTQ rights to include “trans surgeries for minors, biological men competing in women’s sports, and sex and gender identity lessons in kindergarten.”<<

The gender ideology narrative is failing to convince the masses, so it’s an “emergency”!

Promoting the medical transitioning of gay kids is the real emergency that gay people should be responding to:

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  1. posted by Edward on

    I don’t pay much mind to the HRC or the homocons at the LCR. They do some good work, but often useless in my neck of the woods.

    I think that gender reassignment should (especially for minors) be duly regulated based on the experts.

  2. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Another thing: the situation for actual transgender youth is arguably troubling in several states. Not quite genocide or an national emergency, but not good.

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