Trans Activists Are Calling the Shots; Disagree, and YOU’RE A TRANSPHOBE BIGOT WHO WILL BE CANCELED

Conversion Therapy Goes Woke

A new year, and we’re likely to see LGBTQ activists step up their advocacy of woke conversion therapy for gay boys and, especially, lesbian girls.

The Triumph of Identity Politics Is Not Equal Treatment for All

Liberal media’s erasing Richard Grenell from history is frightening but that’s what progressives do.

Lesbian Vanishing Act

“Where Have All the Lesbians Gone?,” asks Katie Herzog. Today, she says, they’re likely to self-identify as nonbinary—or as men.

Politically correct conversion therapy:

Woke Censorship Is Real

Abigail Shrier writes:

“In response to media attention and customer complaints, Target reversed itself; my book is again for sale. But other books will be quietly suppressed. In an America where the left has achieved dominance of cultural institutions and adopted a tyrannical opposition to other ideas, where social media extends its reach, and where books are distributed by a handful of retailers—a book burning doesn’t even require a populist uprising. It takes only one online extremist or two to make a book disappear. And when that happens, don’t look to the ACLU to defend you.”

Binding the Nation’s Wounds?

This could go on ad infinitum.