GLAAD Asks for More Censorship

As an early GLAAD board member in the 80s, I can say there were always two impulses within the organization: to educate the media about the importance of full, fair and inclusive portrayals of gay and lesbian lives, and to protest, boycott or even try to shut down offensive and defamatory representations. When those favoring a hard shift to focusing on identity politics within the organization and advocating the left’s political agenda took over under a “progressive” executive director and her staff, I was pushed out.

Since then, there have been many different executive leaders and the mission has varied depending on whether liberals or progressives were running the show. Currently, it looks like those favoring the silencing of speech they deem “unsafe,” which now primarily means any post questioning the new gender orthodoxy, are in command.

Yes, this is happening to gay kids

Jordan Peterson writes:

But the radical types’ notion of gender is completely empty. “Gender is what you feel”. OK, what do you mean by “feel”? “I feel like I’m a man.” Well, how do you know, because you aren’t. Do you always feel that? “Well, sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t. So I’m fluid.” It’s so juvenile and narcissistic that it’s almost impossible to exaggerate.
There’s a lot of confused people, and there’s certainly a lot of confused adolescents who could be enticed into narcissistic abnormality as a consequence of attention-seeking. No problem, man. Ten per cent of adolescents will line up for that, especially girls because they’re prone to psychogenic epidemics. But what’s happening now is that gay kids are being convinced they’re transsexual. Well that’s not so good for gay people, is it?
I’ve had people come to me who have uncertainty about their sexual identities. The right way to handle that therapeutically is to say, “OK, I don’t know what the hell is best for you, and clearly you don’t either because you’re confused. So let’s evaluate the whole range of possibilities before we do anything precipitous, let alone surgical.” It’s like sacrificing children to Moloch. It’s horrible, what’s happening.

Progressive Dismiss History in Favor of Preferred Narratives

James Kirchick writes:

The role of [Frank] Kameny and other gay rights pioneers has been neglected by many historians, journalists, and cultural influencers, who prefer to locate the origins of the movement for gay equality in “a race riot against the police started by hustling transwomen of color.” They speak of the “privilege” supposedly enjoyed by Kameny and the other gay white men who dominated the pre-Stonewall gay rights movement, as if being a homosexual in mid-century America — hunted by the police, purged by the government, confined to mental institutions, and subjected to barbaric forms of medicalized torture — was a blessed way of life. That the movement’s intellectual roots are reformist and bourgeois does not suit these people’s ideological commitments or theory of history.