Transactivism and the New Homophobia: The Enemy is Within

And this: Both the Biden administration and Britain’s Tory government are funding monitors that label as sources of “disinformation” web publications questioning gender ideology:

What did UnHerd do to provoke the [government-funded Global Disinformation Index’s (GDI’s)] disapproval? After repeatedly asking the organization for an explanation, we eventually got an answer: “Our team re-reviewed the domain, the rating will not change as it continues to have anti-LGBTQI+ narratives. … The site authors have been called out for being anti-trans. Kathleen Stock is acknowledged as a ‘prominent gender-critical’ feminist.”

They did not point to any factual errors — their complaint was with the viewpoints of some of our contributors. In addition to decrying Stock, a prominent British philosopher and co-director of the Lesbian Project, the GDI email pointed to Julie Bindel, a lifelong campaigner to stop violence against women, and Debbie Hayton, who is transgender. Apparently the GDI equates “gender-critical” beliefs, or maintaining that biological sex differences exist, with “disinformation”….

Will Anything Change?

In light of the UK’s extensively researched Cass Review for Britain’s National Health Service, which recommends against medical transitioning of minors given that most outgrow youthful gender dysphoria, and given the under-reported dangers and permanent harms of blocking puberty (not to mention genital surgeries and mastectomies) on minors, will anything change? Judging by the dismissive responses from LGBTQ+ activists, probably not.

Worth repeating:


And this:

The interview below is about an hour but well worthwhile if you want to understand just how awful child “gender-affirming” care has actually turned out to be, and the homophobic ideology that underlies the promotion of child gender transitioning.

U.S. medical associations, now dramatically out of step with their European counterparts, must be wrestled away from gender-ideology activists!

CultureWatch reader “Agee” commented:

The science is clearly going the other way (the Cass Review in the U.K. and the big study out of the Netherlands), showing again that most children with gender dysphoria outgrow it between the onset of puberty and early adulthood, and the vast majority of these kids turn out to to be gay and lesbian if not chemically (then surgically) castrated.
The scandal is how GLAAD, HRC and other activist “leaders” have embraced an ideology that promotes turning gender-nonconforming gay boys into supposed heterosexual girls (albeit sterile and unable to have orgasms) and lesbian girls into supposed heterosexual boys (also sterile and unable to experience orgasm).
The tragedy is that the lesbian and gay rights movement for equality and acceptance is now a trans-queer movement for whatever latest insanity is being pumped out by academic queer theorists.

Will They Be Held Accountable?

As Andrew Sullivan asks, Will Big Trans Be Held To Account?

Drugs used to castrate sex offenders and to treat adult prostate cancer have been re-purposed, off-label, to sexually reassign children before they even got through puberty. Big Pharma created lucrative “customers for life” by putting kids on irreversible drugs for a condition that could not be measured or identified by doctors and entirely self-diagnosed by … children.
And what if over 80 percent of the children subject to this experiment were of a marginalized group — gay kids? And the result of these procedures was to cure them of same-sex attraction by converting them to the opposite sex? I simply cannot imagine that any liberal or progressive would hand over gender-nonconforming children, let alone their own children, to the pharmaceutical and medical-industrial complex to be experimented on in this way.
And yet for years now, this has been the absolutely rigid left position on sex reassignments for children with gender dysphoria on the verge of puberty.

Here’s more:

GLAAD has insisted, counter to numerous research findings, that “the science is settled” and any media that provides a platform to critics of transing minor children is promoting “violence” (of course).

Added: How many times have we been told that medically transitioning minors, who then come to regret that decision, doesn’t happen?

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More Evidence Gender Dysphoria Among Teens Tends to Go Away — Unless the Kids are Chemically Castrated and Sterilized

And then there’s this:

Worth repeating: Art Morty writes in his Substack column on The Hole Where Gay Rights Used To Be:

Progressives succeeded wildly with their message that homosexuality is normal and harmless. They had science and reason behind them: homosexuality is clearly a natural phenomenon, and it’s illogical to punish consenting adults for going about their business when they’re not hurting anyone. Conservatives, embarrassed and ashamed, were forced to do an about-face.
But the 21st Century transgender craze bears only superficial similarity. It’s vaguely to do with sexuality and with gender nonconforming people, yes. But under the hood, the principles are plainly pseudoscientific and the demands range from unreasonable to outrageous. It’s in part a result of the resounding success of the gay rights movement, and I mean that in two ways: gays won hearts and minds over to the progressive cause, and we united progressives against our enemies: social conservatives.
… Progressives’ irrational embrace of gender ideology is in part a defensive reaction in response to the increasing sense of threat they feel from the right. Taking a page from the Hollywood playbook, in uncertain times, they’ve turned to the familiar for the modicum of safety and predictability it offers.
The blockbuster boogeyman of the left is not a mechanical shark, it’s homophobes. Problem is, the right is fresh out of those. Most everywhere in the Western world, conservative party platforms are more-or-less identical to liberal ones on the question of gay rights. But not to worry, in this sequel, the homophobic boogeymen have been revived as transphobes.


And this:

Anatomy of a Tragedy, and It’s Exploitation

The suicide of Nex Benedict, who suffered years of sexual abuse from her father, is a profound tragedy and in a better world she and her family would not be subject to further privacy violations. But LGBTQ+ activists, compliant media and manipulative politicians rapidly moved in with wildly false narratives (i.e, outright lies) to advance a “trans the kids” ideology that requires refutation. Sad, indeed.

Feminine Gay Men and the False Promises of Transgenderism

Art Morty adds:

“I myself was a feminine gay man attracted to much more masculine men than myself, and for a time I felt guilt, shame, and confusion about the mismatch, so I can somewhat understand what these men are feeling. But in the late ’90s I worked at a trans bar, and what I saw there was profoundly sad, in a deep, fundamental way not easily remedied with flags and parades and campaigns for better “representation.” I came to suspect that there was a structural dysfunction at the heart of the transgender subculture.”

He continues:

“The gender movement thinks it’s flinging open the gates of free gender expression, liberating everyone to express their gender however they wish. But really, all this extra attention being paid to everyone’s gender expression is just making everyone feel overcautious and cling harder to stereotypes….”

And this:

“I know all too well the confusion about being a young, gender nonconforming gay man, and the pain and loneliness it brings. I want society to show them that they can have happy and healthy relationships just as they are.”