A Well-Deserved Appointment

The Senate has confirmed the former Log Cabin Republicans chief as assistant secretary of state for political-military affairs. The vote had been held up nearly a full year by Democrats.

All Pete, All the Time

He’s taking up all the bandwidth, except for the theatrics around the Equity Act.

On moronic right-wingers, Brad Polumbo writes:
>>Most mainstream conservatives denounce Wohl and his antics, but many people will now have the greasy grifter in mind when they think of conservatives and sexual assault. Some on the left will inevitably try to cast undue blame on the entirety of the right.
This is truly a shame. In the age of #MeToo, where controversies like the charges against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh claim headlines, conservatives have been the ones standing up for due process and the rights of the accused. But any association with rape hoaxers, no matter how distant, provides weight to the otherwise baseless attacks that the right doesn’t care about survivors or take assault seriously. Now, conservatives are left playing catch-up, all because a few foolish internet trolls decide to smear a good man, rather than challenge his politics honestly.<<

Pete and Pence

Where has the love gone?

Different View on ‘Mayor Pete’

Why Democratic Party thought leaders and the media elite are embracing him, and why they moved quickly to tamp down the left-progressives that didn’t find him sufficiently intersectional.


Mission Creep

The Human Rights Campaign is promoting legislation requiring employers to provide paid sick leave to employees. HRC, in doing so, takes note that some employees without paid sick leave are LGBTQ.

The issue with HRC pursing a broadly progressive agenda is that when it fundraises among Republicans, it presents itself as a group focused on LGBTQ-rights advocacy. Yes, the Log Cabin Republicans support a broadly conservative GOP-driven agenda. They’ve got the name “Republican” upfront, and their mission is as much about lobbying support for Republicans as it is about lobbying Republican support for LGBTQ legal equality. The same was true, in reverse, with the now-defunct Stonewall Democrats.

But HRC was founded with a nonpartisan mission and for many years held to that in its congressional endorsements and fundraising (before it started supporting presidential candidates). If that had remained true, the Stonewall Democrats wouldn’t have been rendered redundant, and HRC would not have turned into an adjunct of the Democratic party.

More. From Equality California:

“Enacting gun safety reforms [sic] at the federal level is a top priority for Equality California. LGBTQ people and our allies are often the targets of bias-motivated gun violence.”

And since no LGBTQ people or allies use guns to defend themselves from hate crimes, no problem there.

If Trump Is for It, the LGBTQ Left Is Against It

Challenging the Elites

Like other progressive movements, LGBTQ activism has wedded itself to the cultural and financial elites. Recall the Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment was delivered at a gala LGBTQ fundraiser in Manhattan featuring Barbra Streisand. The fundraiser reportedly brought in around $6 million, with ticket prices ranging from $1,200 to $250,000, with many paying $50,000, according to reports, which at the time I wrote about here.