Progressives Practice ‘Don’t Say Gay’


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  1. posted by Edward on

    Like the Bodeans song goes, everyone wants to live how they want to live, everybody wants to love how they want to love, everybody wants to be closer to free…

  2. posted by Robbie on

    A shockingly large number of gay men are supporting positions leading to the erasure of gay people, and doing so because big LGBTQ+ fundraising lobbies like HRC are telling them that this is the new woke-progressive party line and only evil conservatives would oppose it.

  3. posted by acoolerclimate on

    I wonder how many of the supporting gay men are actually dating and having sex with trans men? What is the point of being so supportive, if you are supporting people not having a large pool of romantic partners?

  4. posted by Edward on

    I wonder how many homocons are secretly sleeping with trans folk.

    • posted by Robbie on

      Edward, good way to not address the serious issue here but to engage in nasty snark.

    • posted by Acoolerclimate on

      It’s so funny. Whenever I post a comment that sounds like I’m saying something that isn’t glowingly positive of trans folk, I get slammed. No matter if it’s a liberal, conservative, or in between site. Am I the only gay man that doesn’t want to have sex with someone who still has female body parts?

      • posted by Kosh III on

        I have always supported the rights of trans and anyone else(liberty and justice for ALL) but I’m 1000% gay and I want someone that looks like a man and is equipped like a man.
        Avowed conservatives/theocrats generally want to conserve THEIR rights and power but not for anyone else. “I’ve got mine-frak you”

  5. posted by Edward on

    1. Not being attracted to trans people, is your business.

    2. Has anyone researched whether or not transgender folk were targeted during the cold war era?

    • posted by acoolerclimate on

      So you think I’m a bad person? That’s what everyone is telling me. I’m transphobic, I’m terrible, sigh. I have nothing but the best of intentions for trans people. I think they should live happy, wonderful, fruitful lives.

      • posted by Edward on

        Um. I didn’t call you a bad person.

        • posted by Acoolerclimate on

          No you didn’t. This is a touchy subject for me. I was in a situation where I was presented with female anatomy when I thought it would be male. Now I want people to know upfront that I’m not interested in female anatomy so this doesn’t happen. I could accomplish this in the past by saying I was gay. But not anymore. So I’m not sure what to say.

  6. posted by Robbie on

    James Kirchick literally wrote the defining book on the lavender scare, titled “Secret City: The Hidden History of Gay Washington.” He says the targets were homosexuals, pure and simple.

    • posted by Edward TJ Brown on

      So, being a transsexual in 1950s America was all hunky-dory, right? (rolls eyes)

      • posted by Robbie on

        Edward, you seem to like putting words in peoples’ mouths and then feeling all superior to the strawman you’ve created. No one said it was all “hunky dory” for transpeople, but the fact is (facts, you know, cause they matter) the lavender scare targeted gays and lesbians — people who have intimate relations with people of the same sex.

        • posted by Edward TJ Brown on


          I have no intention of putting words or anything else into your mouth. But, I suspect that more research is needed to determine what cold war era gender/sexuality politics meant for transgender people in America

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