The Non-Gay Movement

Bruce also writes that during the height of the gay rights struggle when “far-Left gay activists — most of whom preferred ‘queer’ to ‘gay’ — who didn’t want a place at the table but, as one of them told me on the ‘Charlie Rose Show,’ wanted ‘to turn the table over.’ Meaning what? Meaning that they weren’t in it for reform but for revolution.”

And now, “Add it all up and it’s hard not to see it as the beginning of a sweeping set of revolutionary, society-wide changes of precisely the kind that the queer Left wanted to achieve with the gay-rights movement, but never did.”

Fighting back:

The LGB Resistance


Fair Is Fair

Good luck with that! Also, worth noting:

Armed Forces

The military is not welcoming of other medical conditions that require ongoing treatment, but it seems an exception will be made for gender transition.

More on the woke front lines:


More heresy from CFG:

A Movement Transformed

LGBT children’s lit, telling boys who prefer “girlish” things that they are actually not boys.