Science vs. Ideology

The extensively researched and thoroughly evidence-based report by Britain’s Dr. Hilary Cass, conducted over 4 years for the UK’s National Health Service, has exposed so much of the anti-scientific, gender-ideology driven insanity that was first embraced by LGBTQ+ trans-queer activists and then used to pressure U.S. medical institutions into compliance, less they be labeled unprogressive bigots and transphobes.


Via Andrew Sullivan: Will Big Trans Be Held To Account? The Cass Report has definitively destroyed their case for child sex-changes:

Drugs used to castrate sex offenders and to treat adult prostate cancer have been re-purposed, off-label, to sexually reassign children before they even got through puberty. Big Pharma created lucrative “customers for life” by putting kids on irreversible drugs for a condition that could not be measured or identified by doctors and entirely self-diagnosed by … children.
And what if over 80 percent of the children subject to this experiment were of a marginalized group — gay kids? And the result of these procedures was to cure them of same-sex attraction by converting them to the opposite sex? I simply cannot imagine that any liberal or progressive would hand over gender-nonconforming children, let alone their own children, to the pharmaceutical and medical-industrial complex to be experimented on in this way.
And yet for years now, this has been the absolutely rigid left position on sex reassignments for children with gender dysphoria on the verge of puberty.

J.K. Rowling weighs in:

Feminine Gay Men and the False Promises of Transgenderism

Art Morty adds:

“I myself was a feminine gay man attracted to much more masculine men than myself, and for a time I felt guilt, shame, and confusion about the mismatch, so I can somewhat understand what these men are feeling. But in the late ’90s I worked at a trans bar, and what I saw there was profoundly sad, in a deep, fundamental way not easily remedied with flags and parades and campaigns for better “representation.” I came to suspect that there was a structural dysfunction at the heart of the transgender subculture.”

He continues:

“The gender movement thinks it’s flinging open the gates of free gender expression, liberating everyone to express their gender however they wish. But really, all this extra attention being paid to everyone’s gender expression is just making everyone feel overcautious and cling harder to stereotypes….”

And this:

“I know all too well the confusion about being a young, gender nonconforming gay man, and the pain and loneliness it brings. I want society to show them that they can have happy and healthy relationships just as they are.”

There Are No Adequate Words

I don’t usually like to go too far afield from the blog’s focus on gay people and our issues — and, as a counter-voice blog, to take a critical look at the movement that claims to speak in our name. That said, I find it necessary to consider the events of this week in Israel and, in particular, those who are supporting Hamas and its barbarism. A few shared posts calling out this vileness follow below.

And this:

Another Gay Man Grateful He Isn’t a Gender Noncoforming Kid Now

Planned Parenthood joins the list of progressive organizations putting gender-nonconforming gay kids at risk.

And worth repeating:

The State vs. Parents

Who is more likely to protect the wellbeing of gender nonconforming kids, or kids that progressive public school teachers and diversity educrats, in their great wisdom, decide are gender nonconforming and therefore transgender, and therefore should be encouraged to self-identify as their affirming gender identity (as perceived by public school teachers and educrats)?

Sure, some gender nonconforming kids, and many gay kids, have unsupportive parents, or sometimes worse. But giving the state the power, through public school teachers and educrats driven by hard-edged progressive gender ideology, to “help” confused kids to adopt new, “affirming” names and pronouns, and to change into “affirming” clothes once at school and use the “affirming” restroom—putting them on a path toward sterilizing puberty blockers and surgeries—all without contacting or discussing these issues with the parents, crosses all kinds of lines. And, significantly, these policies threaten the otherwise healthy development of gender nonconforming gay kids.

GLAAD Gets Even Worse

And some good advice for children with gender dysphoria:

An Authoritarian Impulse Infects HRC, GLAAD

He continues:

Last month, a group of 18 medical experts from around the world published an open letter criticizing the U.S. Endocrine Society for its approach to youth gender transition, stating that while “the evidence for mental-health benefits of hormonal interventions for minors” is “of low or very low certainty … the risks are significant and include sterility, lifelong dependence on medication and the anguish of regret.” The troubling reality is that America’s ideologically captured medical and psychological associations find themselves increasingly isolated among their European peers when it comes to pediatric gender medicine, a challenging set of circumstances for American progressives, who are normally urging us to become more like Europe.