The Movement Now

It’s as if there is no longer a movement for gay and lesbian people. It’s all about critical gender theory and transgenderism, which is often directly at odds with the rights of women and homosexual people, and, especially, gay youth.

A biological male, fully equipped, who enjoys presenting as a woman while pursuing penetrative sex with women, is celebrated for being a lesbian.

A rare bit of sanity on trans issues.

Ends and Means

Using the state to persecute traditional religious believers for their views on marriage and sex, in a case from Finland — but the idea that writing in favor of these beliefs should be considered a hate crime is cropping up in progressives circles elsewhere, including in the U.S. and U.K.

Legitimizing Pedophilia?

The phenomenon should be studied and understood so criminal behavior can better be treated and controlled, and in doing so using an objective term such as “minor attracted people” isn’t out of bounds. But the professor muddies the waters by veering into the language of inclusion and being nonjudgmental, justified by making a distinction between sexual attraction and behavior when, as gay people know, the two are hard to distinguish in the real world. Some stigmas remain necessary, and sexual attraction to children is a prime example.

Negating Homosexuality

Sharing Andrew Sullivan’s tweet about a piece in The Stranger by a person with female genitalia who presents as a man and is outraged that gay men don’t want to have sex with this person. Transgenderism of this stripe is, as Sullivan and others have said, a negation of homosexuality and of gay rights, which is the defense of same-sex attraction and sexual intimacy—same-sex, not same-gender presentation.