LGBTQ+ Activists and Journalist Allies Against Practice of Journalism (Addendum)

More on the response to the campaign against the New York Times by GLAAD, Human Rights Campaign, and others for (1) reporting on the medical transitioning of minors and including the critical views of doctors and detransitioners, and (2) running an op-ed defending J.K. Rowling for casting a critical eye on requiring that transmen, including men who simply present as women, be granted access to women-only spaces.

Thou Shall Not Question Woke Holy Writ

Added: More about the woke-left’s protests against the New York Times for daring to report there is debate among doctors over the speed at which gender nonconforming kids are being rushed into medicalized transitioning.

And this:

And Andrew Sullivan weighs in:

And yet the LGBTQ+ woke brigades care not about any of the evidence. Anyone who points out what’s actually happening, most often to gender-nonconforming gay and lesbian kids, is a “TERF” or a “homocon” or some other silly, dismissive insult lobbied by people who shut down their brains long ago to anything outside of the woke-progressive narrative that they parrot with a veracity that makes religious fundamentalists seem like pikers.

Exposing the Fallout of Medically Transitioning Minors

As the evidence of destroyed lives keeps mounting, woke LGBTQ+ activists choose not to see or hear what’s happening, secure in the destructive narrative they continue to promote.

Jamie Reed provides deeply disturbing examples of “how little patients understood what they were getting into,” for example:

Three months later she called the surgeon’s office to say she was going back to her birth name and that her pronouns were “she” and “her.” Heartbreakingly, she told the nurse, “I want my breasts back.” The surgeon’s office contacted our office because they didn’t know what to say to this girl.
My colleague and I said that we would reach out. It took a while to track her down, and when we did we made sure that she was in decent mental health, that she was not actively suicidal, that she was not using substances. The last I heard, she was pregnant. Of course, she’ll never be able to breastfeed her child.

She also writes:

Then I came across comments from Dr. Rachel Levine, a transgender woman who is a high official at the federal Department of Health and Human Services. The article read: “Levine, the U.S. assistant secretary for health, said that clinics are proceeding carefully and that no American children are receiving drugs or hormones for gender dysphoria who shouldn’t.”
I felt stunned and sickened. It wasn’t true. And I know that from deep first-hand experience.
So I started writing down everything I could about my experience at the Transgender Center. Two weeks ago, I brought my concerns and documents to the attention of Missouri’s attorney general. He is a Republican. I am a progressive. But the safety of children should not be a matter for our culture wars.

Protect Gender-Nonconforming Gay Kids from Medicalized Conversion Therapy

It still amazes, though probably it shouldn’t, how woke-progressive LGBTQ+ advocates have embraced medicalized conversion therapy for gay and lesbian kids who are gender nonconforming — and how they think their support for these procedures makes them morally superior, instead of morally monstrous.

More from this mom on YouTube, here: “I Transitioned My Child – I Regret It“.

And below, what LGBTQ+ activists don’t want gay people to understand:

Progressive School Districts and Woke Conversion Therapy

And worth repeating from an earlier post (click on replies, below, to read the responses with numerous examples):

And this:

The Rainbow Dagger

Mark Hemingway writes, “As recently as the ’90s, even liberal comedians understood that there was something un-American about the overweening pressure to virtue signal. “

UK Was Right to Block Gender Bill

Relatedly, here in the U.S.: