More Evidence Gender Dysphoria Among Teens Tends to Go Away — Unless the Kids are Chemically Castrated and Sterilized

And then there’s this:

Worth repeating: Art Morty writes in his Substack column on The Hole Where Gay Rights Used To Be:

Progressives succeeded wildly with their message that homosexuality is normal and harmless. They had science and reason behind them: homosexuality is clearly a natural phenomenon, and it’s illogical to punish consenting adults for going about their business when they’re not hurting anyone. Conservatives, embarrassed and ashamed, were forced to do an about-face.
But the 21st Century transgender craze bears only superficial similarity. It’s vaguely to do with sexuality and with gender nonconforming people, yes. But under the hood, the principles are plainly pseudoscientific and the demands range from unreasonable to outrageous. It’s in part a result of the resounding success of the gay rights movement, and I mean that in two ways: gays won hearts and minds over to the progressive cause, and we united progressives against our enemies: social conservatives.
… Progressives’ irrational embrace of gender ideology is in part a defensive reaction in response to the increasing sense of threat they feel from the right. Taking a page from the Hollywood playbook, in uncertain times, they’ve turned to the familiar for the modicum of safety and predictability it offers.
The blockbuster boogeyman of the left is not a mechanical shark, it’s homophobes. Problem is, the right is fresh out of those. Most everywhere in the Western world, conservative party platforms are more-or-less identical to liberal ones on the question of gay rights. But not to worry, in this sequel, the homophobic boogeymen have been revived as transphobes.


And this:

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