Feminine Gay Men and the False Promises of Transgenderism

Art Morty adds:

“I myself was a feminine gay man attracted to much more masculine men than myself, and for a time I felt guilt, shame, and confusion about the mismatch, so I can somewhat understand what these men are feeling. But in the late ’90s I worked at a trans bar, and what I saw there was profoundly sad, in a deep, fundamental way not easily remedied with flags and parades and campaigns for better “representation.” I came to suspect that there was a structural dysfunction at the heart of the transgender subculture.”

He continues:

“The gender movement thinks it’s flinging open the gates of free gender expression, liberating everyone to express their gender however they wish. But really, all this extra attention being paid to everyone’s gender expression is just making everyone feel overcautious and cling harder to stereotypes….”

And this:

“I know all too well the confusion about being a young, gender nonconforming gay man, and the pain and loneliness it brings. I want society to show them that they can have happy and healthy relationships just as they are.”
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