The Backlash Cometh

The rightwing “Not the Bee” shares a range of tweets that reveal what’s actually fueling the backlash, such as:
— “One day you’re ok with gays getting married, next day they’re telling you kids have to cut their genitals in order to be happy with their identity?”
— “Funny how we went from ‘let us get married’ to ‘let me mutilate your child’ in a decade.”
— “I supported it [same-sex marriage] back then and wish I never had. No offense to gay people who just wanted to be happy but it opened Pandora’s box….”

Across the pond, they actually are following the science.

Gay men and and lesbians standing up to the TQ+ radicals find themselves excommunicated.


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  1. posted by Edward Brown on

    So, how oppressed due trans folk need to be, to make you and your right-wingers happy?

  2. posted by Agee on

    Edward Brown, it seems you don’t even bother to read these posts and consider the points they make, and you certainly don’t engage with the arguments in the linked articles, before bloviating at us.
    I suspect you go from discussion site to discussion site, briefly skimming posts for deviations from the party line, and then virtue signaling your support for whatever lunacy “the movement” is currently promoting.
    And, by the way, these articles are not expressing the views of “right-wingers” — and what a lazy way that is to dismiss their evidence and arguments.

  3. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    I read all the articles that I can and again, if the gay conservative movement wants to toss the ‘T’ under the bus and just be gay/lesbian/bisexual, then they need to address just how bad that they are willing to let things get for actual transgender people.

  4. posted by acoolerclimate on

    Edward, you do bring up an interesting point. I do not want any harm to come to trans people. I feel adults can live as they want to, as long as their fist doesn’t hit my face. That is what we all want. But when rights collide, who wins, or how can you compromise?
    Example, I know it’s niche, I once signed up for a nude, genital massage class for gay men. It was to practice genital massage. I assumed the gay man part would mean everyone there had male parts. Well, it turns out there were trans men there, and I was expected to practice male part massage on a female part, because as the organizers said, these female parts were male, because trans men are men. So who’s right wins? Could the event have been billed as bio male only? No, because gay people have been so accommodating to trans. I was told if I didn’t like it, to not sign up for anymore events. So I lose out.
    Yes, that is trivial. But this same thing happens far worse for women, as they cannot have spaces free of men anymore.
    There doesn’t seem to be a way of compromising. And I do fear the erasure of us same sex oriented people. The push is on to make us same gender attracted.
    Also, children do not know how they will feel once they go through puberty. It is wrong to make these decisions when so young. I know, I thought I was trans before puberty, but after I am seriously happy being male. I’m so glad I am older, and puberty blockers were not a thing when I was young.
    I wish we could have a great discussion on compromise, and how we navigate the new world.

  5. posted by Acoolerclimate on

    This TN bill is really worrisome. It could lead to a lot of heartache and worse for gay kids. Hopefully it can be overturned, but in the meantime it would be great if placement agencies didn’t actually do this.

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