Gay Kids at Risk

The woke LGBTQ+++ left is now all-in for ultimate conversion therapy.

Sex Difference Denialism

An interesting piece on biology and evolutionary-based differences between men (both gay and straight, I’ll add) and women (ditto) when it comes to sexuality. Recognizing these differences is now a thought crime on the woke left, where existing differences leading to “bad” male behavior are socially constructed and can be deconstructed with sufficient indoctrination.

Biden’s Afghan Disaster


The outcome of Biden’s bothched withdrawal is, tragically, not in doubt.

There will be much debate over whether trying to promote “LGBTI” rights in Afghanistan, as envisioned by U.S. progressive elites, was a good idea.

Responding to Trans Extremism

Human Rights Campaign Leader Caught Up in Cuomo Scandal



But of course …

Captain Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!