SCOTUS to Rule on LBGT Discrimination

As I noted in a prior post, it would be preferable if the Supreme Court ruled that existing sex discrimination laws covered sexual orientation and gender transition (perhaps unlikely, post-Kennedy) than if Congress were to pass the sweeping Equality Act, with its greatly expanded definition of public accommodations to include small creative-services providers and its crippling of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act—not to mention defining “sex” as gender presentation without any pretense about physical transitioning (meaning bio-males in women’s locker rooms and sporting competitions, based on their identity “presentation”).

If the Supreme Court were to expand existing Title VII civil rights protections to gay and transgender people, Democrats and LGBT intersectional progressives would still try to pass the Equality Act—but they’d have to do so arguing in favor of its more extreme provisions instead of presenting it as a jobs discrimination bill.

Paglia and the SJWs

Nice to see the university prez standing up to the social justice warriors.

More. Early American social justice warriors.

Demise of Edmonton Pride

Coming soon to a Pride march near you!

>>Global News has obtained a copy of an email sent out by the Edmonton Pride Festival Society explaining why the 2019 edition of the annual event, which aims to educate people and create a spirit of unity by celebrating gender and sexual diversity, has been called off. …
The society was presented with a list of seven demands including ending the Pride Parade and providing annual funding for Shades of Color and RaricaNow. …
“So no floats, no corporate, just community groups and it would be a protest march instead, and then they asked for each group to receive $20,000 a year in funding from us.”…
The Pride Society’s decision not to act on a call to ban police and military officers from taking part in the festival boiled over during the Pride Parade last summer.
The parade was stalled for about a half-hour when demonstrators blocked the route to demand that police, RCMP and military members be banned from marching in future parades.<<

Pete and Pence

Where has the love gone?

Different View on ‘Mayor Pete’

Why Democratic Party thought leaders and the media elite are embracing him, and why they moved quickly to tamp down the left-progressives that didn’t find him sufficiently intersectional.


Progressive Ponder If Being Gay Makes Pete Buttigieg Sufficiently Intersectional

I disagree with Mayor Pete on a number of policy issues, but it’s interesting to see the left struggle with whether his being gay is enough to make up for still being a white male, or to raise the issue of whether he is gay enough.

(The original tweet that Guy Benson and others in the thread were taking issue with has now been removed by the poster.)


The left is clearly of two minds on this, or maybe it’s liberals vs. progressives. Frank Bruni writes in the New York Times:

“The author is asserting that Buttigieg, 37, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., doesn’t come across as particularly gay, meaning . . . what? That he lacks stereotypical mannerisms? That his voice isn’t high-pitched? I’m kind of floored, because I and other gay people around my age (54) or older spent most of our lives educating people about the bigotry and inaccuracy of those very stereotypes and trumpeting the message — the truth! — that gay people can be every bit as buttoned-down and strait-laced as, well, Pete Buttigieg! Now his divergence from those stereotypes is deemed remarkable and in need of dissection? Strange days indeed.”