Science vs. Ideology

The extensively researched and thoroughly evidence-based report by Britain’s Dr. Hilary Cass, conducted over 4 years for the UK’s National Health Service, has exposed so much of the anti-scientific, gender-ideology driven insanity that was first embraced by LGBTQ+ trans-queer activists and then used to pressure U.S. medical institutions into compliance, less they be labeled unprogressive bigots and transphobes.


Via Andrew Sullivan: Will Big Trans Be Held To Account? The Cass Report has definitively destroyed their case for child sex-changes:

Drugs used to castrate sex offenders and to treat adult prostate cancer have been re-purposed, off-label, to sexually reassign children before they even got through puberty. Big Pharma created lucrative “customers for life” by putting kids on irreversible drugs for a condition that could not be measured or identified by doctors and entirely self-diagnosed by … children.
And what if over 80 percent of the children subject to this experiment were of a marginalized group — gay kids? And the result of these procedures was to cure them of same-sex attraction by converting them to the opposite sex? I simply cannot imagine that any liberal or progressive would hand over gender-nonconforming children, let alone their own children, to the pharmaceutical and medical-industrial complex to be experimented on in this way.
And yet for years now, this has been the absolutely rigid left position on sex reassignments for children with gender dysphoria on the verge of puberty.

J.K. Rowling weighs in:

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