RFMA: A Bipartisan Step Forward

More from Andy Craig, on why the prosecution of small business owners being forced to provide expressive services for same-sex marriages is a consequence of anti-discrimination laws, not marriage equality.

Whose Movement Is It?

Why we need a new movement on behalf of gay men, lesbians, gay kids, and bisexuals who have same-sex relationships. The movement we created in the 1970s and 80s and been taken over by people whose aren’t gay and who have their own, very different goals.

Save the Gay Kids

It’s seems that no one, except for the small LGB groupings, are taking a stand against this insanity on behalf of gender-nonconforming mostly gay kids. Certainly not the woke cool-aid drinkers who are fine with castrating effeminate gay boys and removing the breasts and genitalia from butch lesbian girls. And how smug and superior they believe themselves to be for supporting these horrific crimes against children.

Britain Rethinks ‘Transing the Kids’

Sanity returns to Britain.

But here in the U.S.:

LGBTQ Mostly Not Gay People

Two interesting reports, one finding that the plurality of the self-identifying LGBTQ students at elite colleges are either “questioning” or bisexual, and overwhelmingly so among women. This is the movement originally but no longer about gay identity but hey, where are the bucks for HRC in that? The other study looks at students who are actually gay and male, and finds they’re different from others.