Liberating ‘Gay’ from LGBTQ+

Yes, another compilation post on the single most important issue facing gays and lesbians today, especially with regard to protecting gay youth. Pointing this out drives LGBTQ+ wokists apoplectic.

Along with safeguarding the rights of women, another vital reason to separate LGB and trans rights is saving gay kids from being pushed onto the trans train:

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>>Woke guy goes from “trans surgeries on minors aren’t happening” to “they are happening and it’s good” in record time.<<

Follow the science:


GLAAD warns about the dangers of “dragphobia.”

Maybe bringing young kids to exhibitionistic performances is part of the reason. And, yes, I realize the anti-gay right is making good use of this and there may be “pronoun issues” in their responses (although debatable, as these are drag performers not transwomen, and there’s a difference). But they didn’t fake these photos and videos or the even more explicit ones from “family friendly performances” that can be seen on social media.

And worse (with even more-explicit photos on social media):

Progressives’ Exclusionary Spin on Respect for Marriage Act

A chance to celebrate bipartisanship on marriage equality is ignored by hyper-partisan Biden.

Added: Biden’s White House party and the way it was staged is giving the anti-gay right (including at the Heritage Foundation, among others) evidence that they were correct in opposing the bill. That’s unfortunate, given that the legislation is both “good for gays” and good for those who hold traditional religious views on marriage.

And worth repeating:

And this!

Blocking Sexual Development In Gender-Nonconforming Kids

Puberty blockers stop sexual development, which after enough time won’t resume when blockers are stopped. When adults make the decision to transition, doctors have full packages to work with. But when sexual development is stopped before puberty, that’s not the case and the ability to have sexual activity leading to orgasm is likely to be gone or extremely diminished. That’s an inconvenient truth at odds with woke gender theory and the lucrative business of transing the kids.

And this:

Common-sense comments below are sure to make the LGBTQ+ woke kool-aid drinkers apoplectic. Heresy of the highest order against the new progressive faith that must never be challenged!

GOP and Marriage: Moving Forward Despite Opposition

From the Heritage Foundation’s political action arm.

Yet this level of support from Republicans would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

Protecting Two Fundamental Rights

And Andy Craig’s tweets on the distinction between guaranteeing marriage equality and the overly broad application of sexual-orientation nondiscrimination laws to prosecute small business owners who, based on adherence to traditional religious beliefs, choose not to provide expressive services celebrating same-sex marriages.

Another view:. Even if you don’t think creating a wedding cake for a gay marriage is protected free speech (as I do, as expressive messaging), the case is stronger when it comes to website design.

I agree with Brad Polumbo but the difference is the state of Colorado would not prosecute the LGBTQ business owners.