Who the Real Bullies Are

Headline: Colorado’s top court will hear case against Christian baker who refused to make a gender transition-themed cake.

Headline: Swiss LGBTQ groups praise jail sentence for commentator who called journalist a ‘fat lesbian’.

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  1. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Meanwhile, the real LGBTQ issues aren’t getting addressed because of focus on who bakes who a wedding cake.

    • posted by Agee on

      I think Stephen has done a fine job of addressing “the real LGBTQ issues” — first and foremost, the threat to gender nonconforming gay kids posed by progressives who promote transitioning of minors with no guardrails.

      The rejection of free speech rights and religious liberty protections by LGBTQ activists is also a “real LGBTQ issue” that you wont read about in your progressive echo chamber, which is why some of us appreciate this site.

  2. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Progressive echo chamber? Wow, you really assume quite a bit about a person that you do not know much about.

    • posted by Agee on

      Right, because your string of comments on virtually every post over the past 2+ years, almost always upholding the big LGBTQ+ progressive line (or, call it the echo chamber) and attacking Stephen and others as “homocons” would give a person no idea of your political leanings.

  3. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Actually, my string of posts has been more centrist, than anything else. I am an Independent voter. As for using the term “homocons” I was told — by a conservative I once dated — that conservatives reclaimed the word with pride.

    • posted by Agee on

      Yeah, right. Anyone who has read your comments knows you deploy “homocon” as an insult and a slur.

  4. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    1. I often disagree with the “homocons” (I swear my ex told me that it was sort of like the term, “queer” for the leftists) and the leftists. I do not loathe them (I have dated across party lines for goodness sake).

    2. I have said here and elsewhere, that forcing someone small-time baker to bake anything is dumb (short of, you know, the baker having a contract to do ‘x’ and then backing out of the legal agreement). It is dumb and I generally agree with homcons (and classical liberals) that certain, reasonable exemptions need to exist to civil rights laws to protect 1st Amendment rights.

    3. I tend to be a bit more ‘conservative’ on certain issues, i.e. the 2nd Amendment or (as I have said) religious freedom. I tend to be a bit more ‘liberal’ on certain issues, such as the need to have affordable health care and the rights of labor unions. Yet, notice that I said “tend to be”, I do not have much use for the far right or the far left or the anarchists or the Communists or the fascists.

    Again, I am more in the political center (an Independent) and their are times (not that you probably care) where I think both the Republicans and Democrats are full of it.

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