The Scarlett Johansson Transgender Brouhaha

More. Business Insider reports (or, rather, prints a GLAAD press release as news):

“Scarlett Johansson’s announcement, together with the transgender voices who spoke out about this film, are game changers for the future of transgender images in Hollywood,” GLAAD president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said. “Hollywood changed how Americans understand gay and lesbian lives, and TV is starting to do the same for transgender people with authentic transgender portrayals being major hits with critics and audiences. The film industry has a real opportunity to do the same.”

Related: Business Insider deletes opinion column defending Scarlett Johansson, and columnist resigns:

The Colbert Contretemp

CBS’s Stephen Colbert said of President Trump during a “Late Show” monologue: “You’re a real prick-tator. The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cockholster.”

Flashback: Alec Baldwin Apparently Calls Paparazzi A ‘C**ksucking Fag’

The LGBT Social Warrior Way

No cultural development is beyond the ever-critical eye of our LGBT social justice warriors, who have taken aim at the animated Seth Rogan flick “Sausage Party.” The Wall Street Journal‘s book review editor Bari Weiss explains that:

…a queer website called Autostraddle…ran a lukewarm review from a freelancer who praised the movie for including a gay character—a libidinous lesbian Latina taco voiced by Salma Hayek. The next day the site took down her post and published a 2,600-word apology illustrating in supernova tones the Maoist mind-set of the hard left.

Editor Heather Hogan explained that she heard from readers “who were upset that we labeled the taco a lesbian when it seems more likely that she was bisexual.” Other readers “questioned the consent of the sexual encounter between the taco and the hot dog bun.”

Ms. Hogan saved her harshest self-criticism for having allowed the review to be written by a person whose epidermis was not a sufficient shade of brown: “First and most damning, we allowed a non-Latina writer to cover a story about a caricature of a Latina.”

It sounds as if she would gladly commit seppuku, if only that didn’t require the sin of cultural appropriation: “I am wholly sorry for the pain and anger I caused you,” she wrote. “I offer you no justification. I was blinded by my own whiteness existing inside a system of white supremacy. I must do better. I will do better.”

It’s the sort of apology one might hear from a prisoner in North Korea….

This is par the course on the LGBT progressive left.

More. LGBT activists: “That’s not funny.”