Hateful Jimmy Kimmel

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  1. posted by Matthew on

    Str8 white liberal men are douchebags through and through. You can’t virtue-signal your way out of that.

  2. posted by Jorge on

    Hateful Jimmy Kimmel gets a pass for his bigotry because, you know, he’s a PROGRESSIVE.

    Of course if Mr. Kimmel were himself gay he’d be getting a pass.

    Actually, I’m not paying attention to whether he got the story right this time. Because he usually doesn’t. I have better things to waste my time on.

    • posted by Matthew on

      “Of course if Mr. Kimmel were himself gay he’d be getting a pass.”

      No, he wouldn’t. He would be called out for being a self-loathing worm, like anyone gay who works on SWILL & DISGRACE, that abysmally rotten breeder-feeder pander-thon minstrel show that NBC, the enabler of serial rapist Bill Cosby and other sex pests such as Matt Lauer, has the audacity to call a sitcom despite not being the least bit funny and making AMOS ‘N’ ANDY look like a novel by Zora Neale Hurston.

  3. posted by MR Bill on

    “What is so rare as a day in June?
    Decent behavior
    From a popular savior.”-S. Hoffenstein

    • posted by Matthew on

      Irrelevant second-hand musings from a bully and a troll whose incessant, endless blatherings say absolutely nothing true at all.

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