Modern Victimology


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Two Views

Added: I respect Guy Benson’s advice to be cautious about widespread blame, but I also don’t think we should ignore that the shooting happened amid calls by activists for action to stop “genocide” against trans people, including the recently enacted Tennessee law banning puberty blockers and transition surgery for minors.

More: Twitter is now blocking tweets showing trans activists’ calls for violence, including gun violence. While understandable, this move obscures how extreme some of these activists are.

This kind of rhetoric is so common it’s not longer shocking (but should be):

I don’t like having to share posts like these but we can’t pretend that these messages aren’t being spread by extremists.

Added: Shaking my head over this captured tweet from Arizona Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs’ press secretary, posted just hours after the shooting (original removed by Twitter, understandably). Added: Press Secretary Josselyn Berry resigned on Wednesday, two days after the shooting. Why wasn’t she fired, or at least suspended, immediately after her vile post went up?

And via Log Cabin Republicans:

Still more.

Thoughts on ‘Woke’

Added: After sharing the linked stories below, I’ve come across discussions arguing there’s no such thing as “woke” and it’s all right-wing fear-mongering. That’s disingenuous in the extreme, so here’s my off-the-cuff definition:

“Woke” is a constellation of academic social justice theories put into practice, including the equity agenda of assigning outcomes based on identity group membership (DEI, or diversity, equity, inclusion); prioritizing climate change strategies in the management of business and retirement investments (ESG, or environment, social and governance issues); critical race theory (CRT) that characterizes U.S. and Western history as primarily driven by white racism; critical gender theory (CGT) that includes advocating medical transitioning for gender-nonconforming minors; and similar progressive nostrums embraced and promulgated by elite professionals and media.

The New Mission

Organizations that were once at the forefront of the movement for gay and lesbian rights and social inclusion have morphed into something very different, following the achievement of legal equality for gays and lesbians, and for transgender people. In keeping with fashionable progressive-left trends, they’re now onboard with the war on the gender binary.

Gays and Lesbian Kids Encouraged to Jump on the Trans Train

Or maybe the tide is turning, and least in some places: