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  1. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    Suggesting that LGBT politicians should be treated differently than straight politicians (either supported when a straight politician would be condemned or condemned when a straight politician would be supported) runs contrary to “equal means equal”.

    Years ago, Alan Dershowitz observed that demanding that the government of Israel be held to a higher standard of conduct than the government of other nation states is a form of “soft-core Anti-Semitism”. I was startled when I read his observation, but I think that it is correct.

    I think that the broad principle (differential treatment is rooted in discrimination) applies in this case, as well.

  2. posted by Jorge on

    Disagreement with policy, and a nonchalance toward engaging with a toothless rubber stamp organization are neither of them appropriate reasons to call for someone’s resignation.

    When I say difference of policy, I also mean this: when someone of delicate health attends a protest in which there is a high probability of violence, it is my view and I think quite a reasonable one for a government to hold that that person holds the most responsibility for the adverse health consequences of that violence. That the health of a group of people is on average more delicate than another group is incidental, not discriminatory; it is still each person’s responsibility to look out for number one. In other words, and I don’t have many opportunities to quote the most famous put down in Final Fantasy Tactics, “Blame yourself or God.”

    Vote the bum out, if you dare.

    I think that the broad principle (differential treatment is rooted in discrimination) applies in this case, as well.


    I think the HotAir article tries but fails to establish plausible deniability when it alleges (unsourced) that “LGBT activists” were happy with the mayor being LGBT and now things have soured thanks to the “LGBTQ commission.” While I agree with the author’s broader argument that narrow interests being subsumed into ever greater radicalism more broadly is creating the appearance social chaos within sociopolitical activist causes, he stretches the facts too much here. The Commission is not paddling “well outside their lane”, they are bringing forth the concerns of actual aggrieved LGBTQ community members who are absolutely nuts.

    The Washington Free Beacon article falls to bias in the headline. In the text, its mentioning of the “first openly lesbian mayor” in the first line is countered by the mention of the “first black woman” police chief, so if the headline were different it’d be some plausible deniability there.

    I think Mr. Miller’s present blog post avoids this problem as best as is reasonably necessary by focusing on policy and through its emphasis. And I think the Commission’s letter avoids the problem completely.

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