Gender Nonconforming Kids Steered to Puberty Blockers, Surgery

As evolutionary biologist Colin Wrights explains:

>>We should treat children who are different with compassion and acceptance. Transgender ideology does the opposite. When children say they’re transgender, that frequently prompts a visit to a gender clinic where a “gender-affirming” therapist may prescribe puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and even surgery to “fix” this perceived misalignment between “gender identity” (i.e., social roles and stereotypes) and the child’s biological sex.
As an ideological matter alone, this is regressive in the extreme. It repudiates decades of work by women’s-rights activists who rightfully gauged such notions as sexist and oppressive and fought to free nonconformists from social stigma. Subjecting children to body-altering surgery and drugs is a medical scandal of horrifying proportions.<<

Who Will Protect Gender-Nonconforming Kids?

Hint: Not Big LGBTQ+.

More: This study found that almost a fourth of gender detransitioners cited homophobia or difficulty accepting themselves as lesbian, gay, or bisexual as a reason for transitioning.

What’s Going on in Elementary Schools?

The battle over appropriate lessons in elementary schools around sexual orientation and gender identity has gotten ugly. LBGTQ+ advocates say it’s “Don’t Say Gay” homophobia/transphobia and nothing is going on behind parents backs. Critics say it’s sexual grooming of kids. Both sides are lying to mobilize their bases.

Here’s what’s going on in a growing number of public school classrooms that’s triggered the backlash.

Plus: K-3 Lessons & Resources.

Protecting Gay Youth

Rob Jessel and Hassan Mamdani, below, concluded: “Many gay men who can remember rampant homophobia feared it would raise its ugly head again. None of us thought it would return draped in the rainbow flag, championed by the charities that once worked to protect us.”

And worth repeating: “We’re Lesbians on the Autism Spectrum. Stop Telling Us to Become Men”