Coming to Terms with Reality

Worth repeating: The religious right wanted to “pray away the gay.” Now, the progressive left wants to “trans away the gay,” and gay man and lesbians who defend gender nonconforming gay kids from the new medical-conversion therapy are labeled “transphobes” and “TERFS”—or worse.


Very true: “‘Trans conversion therapy’ … is essentially an endorsement of gay conversion therapy.”

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  1. posted by Tony on

    I think we need to come to terms with REALITY not real estate.

    • posted by Editor on

      Good point, Tony! Typo (“Realty” in the original headline) has been fixed.

  2. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    I think we should behave a bit more adults.

  3. posted by Kosh III on

    That pretend conversation is wrong. What doctor makes a diagnosis before starting an exam. What should be said is ” let’s talk about why you felt that way and how we can help you.”
    But I know the Regressive Right wants to be our nannies and control us body and soul.

  4. posted by Jorge on

    “Huzzah! Why ban conversion therapy for ‘gender identity’ if you acknowledge it actually works?

    Doctor: “You’re not a girl. You never can be. You’re a boy. And always will be. Now let’s talk about why you felt that way and how we can help you feel more comfortable being an effeminate boy.

    That’s conversion therapy on two counts, not just one.

    First, it presumes that a boy having a female gender identity is effeminate, seeking to convert the boy toward a female gender expression.

    Second, it tries to convince the boy toward having a male gender identity.

    “The problem for ‘compromisers’ like Starmer and Tatchell is that if you try to adapt the cult’s core ideas, you almost certainly end up creating new levels of silliness.”

    Oh, shut up.

    “The trouble with gender identity ideology isn’t some minor detail of the catechism …it’s the fundamental concept upon which the entire structure of belief is built: ‘gender identity’ itself.”

    I think the trouble with the ideology is more the ideology than the concept. The concept is a valid one. The problem is that it is being taught to everyone, but the power to decide what it means is very limited. Only liberal educated people are allowed to use the concept to develop new insights.

    Or maybe it’s become too broad? Too many liberal not as educated as they think they are people are using the concept to develop bizarre practices (like the whole controversy around transitioning minors in schools without telling parents, which I do not think is entirely out of whole cloth).

  5. posted by Kpsh III on

    Why is the photo on this story Ashton K and a convicted rapist? I went thru the story and found nothing about them? Is this some subtle way of saying that rape can be the result of trans or what?

    • posted by Edward TJ Brown on


      I suspect that they are trying to say something, “See, Liberal Hollywood is evil.”

      An odd statement given that I don’t think the convicted rapist had much to say about LGBT issues, and he was a pretty dedicated Scientologist.

      The other guy in the picture recently made a conservative sitcom show with the convicted rapist.

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