The State vs. Parents

Who is more likely to protect the wellbeing of gender nonconforming kids, or kids that progressive public school teachers and diversity educrats, in their great wisdom, decide are gender nonconforming and therefore transgender, and therefore should be encouraged to self-identify as their affirming gender identity (as perceived by public school teachers and educrats)?

Sure, some gender nonconforming kids, and many gay kids, have unsupportive parents, or sometimes worse. But giving the state the power, through public school teachers and educrats driven by hard-edged progressive gender ideology, to “help” confused kids to adopt new, “affirming” names and pronouns, and to change into “affirming” clothes once at school and use the “affirming” restroom—putting them on a path toward sterilizing puberty blockers and surgeries—all without contacting or discussing these issues with the parents, crosses all kinds of lines. And, significantly, these policies threaten the otherwise healthy development of gender nonconforming gay kids.

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    “Parental involvement is essential as a practical matter in order for a child or adolescent to be seen by a mental-health provider.”

    You’d also be surprised how much of a screeching halt any semblance of problem-solving of the “parent doesn’t accept the child’s identity” comes to without either the child’s permission to ask the parent or the parent voluntarily broaching the subject. For the above reason, and asking a parent if their child is transgender is against the rules of not revealing it. How *does* one ask a parent if they’re not supporting their child without revealing they’re transgender, anyway?

    You’d also be surprised how easy it is to make an indentation in that seemingly impermeable wall of needing parental consent for mental health treatment. Sometimes parents have to actively say no to school-based clinics. And anyone can walk into an emergency room and get emergency care.

  2. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Once again the homcons claim that the extremists on the democratic left are the norm, while they ignore the fact that the right-wing, fascist extremists are a major part of the Trump/GOP voter base.

    Yes, parents do not own their children. That would be slavery and we tend to frown on human slavery. That does not follow — as most liberals know — that children need to be liberated from their parents (unless the parents are abusive or neglect or selling the kids into slavery or for feed or somesuch thing)

  3. posted by Agee on

    Progressives promoting gender transitioning for minors, among other positions rooted in academic queer theory, is causing a backlash among noncrazy Democratic voters. But the progressives have a firm lock on party organizations and leadership positions, and of course the teachers unions that now call the shots in public schools, so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I’ll admit that noncrazy Democrats are not yet prepared to turn to the GOP, but as the schools lose all touch with reality, something’s got to give.

  4. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    To: Agee

    Um….no. not really no.

    • posted by Agee on

      To: Edward TJ Brown

      So why “Um…no. not really no.” Do you have an objection you’re capable of expressing or a counter-argument you’d like to make?

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