Gay Kids Still at Risk


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  1. posted by Kosh III on

    Kids at risk? Yep!
    Gay kids, trans kids, JEWISH kids, all kids are at risk who don’t meet the purity tests of the Regressive Right/Theocrat avowed “Christians.”

    • posted by agee on

      It’s not the religious right that’s endangering these gay kids. Fewer and fewer on the right are encouraging “praying away the gay” these days, but more and more on the intersectional woke left are celebrating “transing away the gay.”
      Maybe you should be more concerned about the conversion therapy that’s actually on the upswing — transing gender-nonconforming gay boys into “straight” girls, and gender-nonconforming lesbian girls into “straight” boys, albeit with lifelong sterility and, after puberty blockers, inability to experience orgasm.

  2. posted by Jorge on

    “Why are people gay? The science of sexual orientation…”

    Ohhhhh, first you weaponized the ex-trans, now you’re weaponizing the ex-gays.

    “Doctrinal concerns hemmed them in at every turn. They didn’t want to argue sexuality was learned, because then it could be a social contagion or influenced by gay “recruitment.” And in their talk of “fluidity” they worried about implying “conversion therapy” might be viable (Diamond’s stern digression on the subject is amusingly illogical).”

    Bring it on!

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