Transactivism and the New Homophobia: The Enemy is Within

And this: Both the Biden administration and Britain’s Tory government are funding monitors that label as sources of “disinformation” web publications questioning gender ideology:

What did UnHerd do to provoke the [government-funded Global Disinformation Index’s (GDI’s)] disapproval? After repeatedly asking the organization for an explanation, we eventually got an answer: “Our team re-reviewed the domain, the rating will not change as it continues to have anti-LGBTQI+ narratives. … The site authors have been called out for being anti-trans. Kathleen Stock is acknowledged as a ‘prominent gender-critical’ feminist.”

They did not point to any factual errors — their complaint was with the viewpoints of some of our contributors. In addition to decrying Stock, a prominent British philosopher and co-director of the Lesbian Project, the GDI email pointed to Julie Bindel, a lifelong campaigner to stop violence against women, and Debbie Hayton, who is transgender. Apparently the GDI equates “gender-critical” beliefs, or maintaining that biological sex differences exist, with “disinformation”….
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