Language of ‘Colonizers’ Used Against Gays

And, more broadly on the progressive left’s cultural confusions and theoretical inanities:

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  1. posted by Edward Brown on

    Note: The main human rights groups that bring attention to the international plight of LGBT folk in various nations, are certainly not conservative.

    Groups like, Amnesty International, HRW and the like, are probably labeled as being more “left” then right.

  2. posted by Edward Brown on

    And another thing, in America, “progressive” normally means left of center, not marxist or socialist.

    Leftwing Groups that back Hamas, morally, are rightfully called, Marxist or Socialist (although, even then the American social democrats tend to back israel, while the democratic socialists are more likely to see Hamas as freedom fighters).

    History of political groups does matter if you are going to try and argue, wrongly, that American progressive politics are pro-Hamas.

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