Gay White Men and the LGBTQ+ Left

He adds:

A direct line can be drawn from this upheaval in the early 1990s and the divisiveness in today’s LGBT activist spaces, where “cis gays” — and, in particular, “cis white gays” — are seen as upholders of villainous Western cisheteropatriarchy and its henchman capitalism. …
This is racism, operating under the guise of “anti-racism”, plain and simple. It attempts to end inequality by inverting it and, in the process, is attacking the foundations of the principles that have enabled the remarkable progress our society has made in transcending bigotry and prejudice.

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  1. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    I think some people like to confuse mainstream liberals, who are slightly left of center, with the far left. When you talk about “the left”.

  2. posted by Agee on

    Human Rights Campaign: “We have officially declared a state of emergency for LGBTQ+ people in the United States for the first time following an unprecedented and dangerous spike in anti-LGBTQ+ legislative assaults sweeping state houses this year.”

    By “dangerous” legislation, they primarily mean bills that seek to protect gay kids from permanent mutilation, sterility, and inability to experience orgasm, with lifetime dependency on expensive pharmaceuticals. But instead of defending gay youth, HRC is all-in on helping big medical and big pharma promote transing away the gay.
    Those who mindlessly send them money overwhelming consider themselves liberals and not far lefties.

  3. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    1. The Human Rights Campaign is probably more third-way-centrist than liberal, but anyway, there have been quite a few anti-transgender/anti-intersexual bills at the State level and that is not a good thing.

    2. Most of these bills are not interested in reasonable guardrails — to use a term favored by gay conservatives — They often leave intersex people in limbo and do not have options for a (admittedly small) number of youth who are going through gender dysphoria. They are in one way or the other, total bans and often come without any willingness to address trans/intersex harassment or discrimination claims at the state level.

  4. posted by Kosh III on

    By dangerous it means the relentless attacks such as those in Tennessee

    As far as gender care, it’s up to parents and physicians, not theocrats and other nannies from the regressive right.
    Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness–sound familiar?

    • posted by Jorge on

      “HB 239 / SB 1440 an LGBTQ+ Erasure law, which adopts a discriminatory definition of sex that excludes LGBTQ+ people from state non-discrimination laws. It also allows discrimination against transgender people in critical services including rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, detention facilities, bathrooms, locker rooms, school athletics and beyond.”

      I frankly think the HRC’s opposition to this sort of law is barbaric.

      It is neither inappropriate nor hate to enshrine a view that men and men, and women and women, into the law and government, I am rather annoyed at the questionable premise that this law is relevant to LGB people, and I’m really annoyed at the redundancy in Q+. This in no way prevents the ability to create transgender services. It’s not like there aren’t a dime a dozen gay services in the country.

      “HB 1269 / SB 466, which allows for the intentional misgendering and deadnaming of transgender and non-binary students by their peers and teachers.”

      It is deplorable that the state of freedom speech has reached such a point in this country that a law of this sort is even necessary. I want to be very clear what is being said here: it is not permitting discrimination and harassment. It is permitting people to say, “This is your official or known name. You are a boy.”

      “HB 158 / SB 102, which prohibits public education institutions from requiring implicit bias training.”

      Thank God! Implicit bias training is a dagger to decency. It’s a good idea in concept. But in execution? It creates discomfort and teaches people to discriminate. And on top of that, telling people about unconscious biasing beliefs doesn’t even reduce biased or discriminatory behaviors. I’d wage better than even odds that someone as practice as playing the victim from the highest levels of liberal institutional power as Claudine Gay has taken implicit bias training, yet she found herself repeatedly unable to overcome those implicit biases and give a balanced to the circumstances condemnation of the violence in Israel and anti-Semitism in US college campuses.

      The HRC has certainly picked some interesting battles, which I do not begrudge. And I agree with them that there is a state of emergency for L, G, B, T, Q and + people.

      They’re the agitators who have fed the flames of it.

      • posted by Edward TJ Brown on

        I might buy your take on the bills, if the same people were willing to pass a LGBT civil rights bill, that just exempted x, y and z.

  5. posted by David Skidmore on

    ‘Cis’ is a ludicrous invention and is imposed upon people by ‘queer’ activists. The same activists hypocritically object to being ‘misgendered’. Nobody in the real world actually uses the term ‘cis’ but I understand it to mean that your sex and gender are in harmony.

    However, I reject gender altogether as a sexist and homophobic imposition. I am a gay male due to sexual orientation and biological sex. Gender is all about stereotypes and forced roles. So, if anyone does call me ‘cis’ I will assume he or she is in fact an anti-gay bigot and steer clear of them.

  6. posted by Edward Brown on

    Wow. Rejecting reality and replacing it with your own….

    • posted by David Skidmore on

      “I am a gay male due to sexual orientation and biological sex.”

  7. posted by Edward Brown on

    You are probably gay because of biology, although socialization is probably a factor too, in terms of how adult, human sexuality gets defined and expressed.

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