On Gender, Reason vs. ‘Queer Theory’ Fundamentalism

He adds, pertinently:

Before social media, most gays and lesbians naturally reconciled the tension between their sex and their feelings about gender by adulthood. Over the course of puberty, they came to terms with their sexual orientation, and by extension, their sex.
Many gays and lesbians express their gender in creative and individualistic ways all through their lives. We’ve always been a proudly gender-bending community. But until social media came along, very few of us experienced such long-lasting mental anguish about our gender expression that we adopted transgender identities and underwent “sex change” treatments. Nowadays, the rate of medical interventions on gay & lesbian people’s bodies is so high, alarm bells are going off all over the world.
Increasing numbers of people are coming out as detransitioners, people who regret the medical therapies they feel they were misled or coerced into carrying out, under the influence of Gender Fundamentalism. Irreversible damage has been done to their bodies. Upon meeting some of them, the penny dropped for my acquaintance Helen Joyce, a former editor at The Economist who went on to write the bestselling book Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality and who now co-directs the advocacy group Sex Matters.
She put it this way: “Oh my God, they’re sterilizing gay kids.”


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  1. posted by Jorge on

    She put it this way: “Oh my God, they’re sterilizing gay kids.

    So what?

    Sorry, that was the Catholic in me. I forgot how much laboratory work gay parents purchase.

    • posted by Agee on

      She could have put it better, but the fact is that puberty blockers result not just in sterility (meaning lesbians can’t conceive, and gay men can’t father through surrogacy), but also the inability to experience orgasm.

  2. posted by Jorge on

    That last article on a grad student attending WPATH and other conferences of gender clinicians was a horrifying read.

    “Over and over again, I’m struck by the realisation that these clinicians have thought of everything. Everything, that is, except: what if they’re wrong?”

  3. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Again, this is a common intellectual problem with the far left and far right.
    I know adult and minor trans folk and none of them are part of the ideological extreme. But the loudest, extreme voice cashes the check and sets narrative.

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