The Real LGBTQ Issues for Our Times

Encouraging gender-nonconforming kids, many of whom would otherwise grow up to be gay and lesbian adults, to medically transition, absent anything approaching appropriate guardrails.

At the same time, demanding that men who identify as women but who have chosen not to fully (or even partially) medically transition to be treated as women in all respects, including athletic competition and traditionally female safe spaces.

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  1. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    So… should trans folk only play on a trans teams?

  2. posted by Agee on

    As Art Morty wrote in a post Stephen put up subsequent to this one: “Rational transgender and transsexual people acknowledge that they must live with a tension between their preferred gender expression (driven by their social/sexual signaling instincts) and their true biological sex.”
    The world can’t perfectly accommodate everyone in every thing. Trans athletes that wish to compete can do so in competitions that correspond to their biological sex or forego competitive sports.
    Leaving aside the fairness issue regarding biological females competing against transwomen, it’s even more important to avoid situations such as the high school volleyball game where a female student suffered a severe concussion because she wasn’t physically adapted to handle a ball spiked by a male identifying as female.

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