‘Violence’ = Not Obeying Progressive Activists

A few simply truths for those whose minds are full of lies:

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  1. posted by Kosh III on

    Let me make it simple enough for a fifth-grader: opposition to decades of Israeli slaughter and oppression of Palestinian PEOPLE is not the same as support for Hamas.

    • posted by Agee on

      Oh, spare me. If you don’t think the “river to the sea” demonstrators are pro-Hamas, you haven’t been paying attention. They say so themselves as they defend the Oct. 7 atrocities “by any means.” And for decades, Palestinian leaders have refused Israel’s efforts to pursue a two-state solution, beginning with the 1948 partition and through the Oslo Accords and later negotiations, choosing instead to embrace eliminationist terror. It’s in the charters of Hamas and the PA. But live in your anti-Zionist fantasy land.

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