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  1. posted by Jorge on

    “I’m not changing my values, but screw the allyship.”

    That comment just made my day. I’ll proudly vote in the 2024 presidential election (Puke of Pukes!) and do my part to make the country a better place, my way.

    And I would just like to take a moment to say it’s nice to be in a corner of the internet where the solidarity is very underplayed.

  2. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    1. Wait, Now transgender folk should be given a voice? After all the trans-bashing from gay conservatives, they now love one transsexual, as long as she lives far away. Hmm.

    2. I like Dana’s music and remember her winning Eurovision back in like 1998 or 1999. Very talented. I recall the Israeli rightwing was critical of her back in the day.

    3. I condemn Hamas as I would the KKK. I support both sides following the rules of war and in a path to a two-state-solution.

  3. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    Stephen has been making much of the anti-Israeli views of “the left”, but the constant drumbeat of anti-Semitism from the MAGA right has not diminished since October 7.

    An example: Twitter’s most viral misinformation spreader and anti-Israel activist

    A quiet reminder: Jewish insttitutions in the United States have, in recent years, found it necessary to employ armed security guards at synagogues, community centers and schools for several years, and not as a result of attacks from “the left”, as anti-Semitic attacks and the level of violence directed against Jews increased dramatically beginning in 2017 and going forward.

    I would take the MAGA right’s devotion to the cause of Israel more seriously if I didn’t understand that end-times anti-Judaism was at the heart of the “support”.

    • posted by Agee on

      The anti-Semites on the right are bloggers or small fringe groups with limited funds. The pro-Hamas anti-Semites on the left (thinly veiled as “anti-Zionism”) are supported by members of Congress and major progressive foundations, much of the elite academic establishment and much of the progressive media.

      • posted by Tom Scharbach on

        The anti-Semites on the right are bloggers or small fringe groups with limited funds.

        What tripe!

        Mainstream MAGA Republicans have been attacking American Jews for years as “globalists”, led by the Rothchilds, manipulating financial markets for gain, as disloyal to the United States because of Allyah dual-citizenship, as (in the words of President Trump this September) “voting to destroy America & Israel” because the vast majority of Conservative and Reform Jews vote Democratic, and as anti-Israel for failing to fall in line with slavish Republican support for the settlement policies of the Netanyahu government.

        Republicans politicians at various levels of government have aided and abetted the Christian Nationalist movement, particularly in Texas and other areas of the South. President Trump claimed Jewish Americans “either don’t like Israel or don’t care about Israel,” while also suggesting that evangelical Christians “love Israel more than the Jews in this country.”

        And how many times have you heard mainsream Rpublicans in high office prattle on about George Soros, as if he is the chief string-puller controlling the Democratic Party?

        As Haaretz (a major newspaper in Israel) put it in 2022: “Once fringe and denounced, extremism and antisemitism are now not only at home in the Republican Party, but built into the GOP’s political strategy for the midterms and beyond. As antisemitism in America rises, this is a startling normalization of hate.”

        The “anti-Semites on the right are bloggers or small fringe groups with limited funds”, but a signfiicant number of Republican politicians hand them a megaphone, mainstreaming anti-Semitism.

  4. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Both the far rights and the far left have anti-Semitic troupes that they can pull out and, sadly, do.

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