The Depths of Intersectional-Left Insanity

Binion adds: “When it comes to ‘Queers for Palestine,’ what’s richly ironic is that many LGBT Palestinians seek asylum in Israel—the same country these stateside protesters are rallying against.”

Progressive, intersectional LGBTQ+ “social justice” activists think that by supporting Hamas and its genocidal policies (look at what children are taught in Gaza) they’ll curry favor with radical anti-Semitic jihadists, the way that Harvey Milk won support for gay rights by supporting San Francisco labor unions. Yes, this is what the intersectional left believes! Coalition-building!

Additional takes:


Progressive feminists are now onboard with mass rape.

And this:

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    “I love how the implication of this is that the Gaza Strip is a land of laws where people accused of homosexuality are charged in a court of law under the British Mandate Criminal Code of 1936”

    Not as satisfying as the implication that Israel isn’t actually occupying Gaza after all. Oh, sorry, that was my right-wing intersectionalism speaking.

  2. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    I condemn Hamas, but I support progressive ideas like, democratization, civil rights, the longterm land-for-peace process.

    • posted by Agee on

      If that’s the case, Edward TJ Brown, then you would be different from the Queers for Palestine who are showing up at pro-Hamas rallies like the one in NYC organized by Democratic Socialists of America, and at “Palestinian liberation” rallies on campuses nationwide cheering on the Hamas butchers.

  3. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    I got a letter to editor published in the Fargo Forum newspaper on the war in the Middle East that explains my views more.

  4. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Both the far right and far left tend to do and say stupid things. Ideology tends to trump reality. People more in the political center less so.

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