Defending Gay Kids

More gays and lesbians are catching on:

The New Neo writes: “The message is of body integrity, goodness, and wholeness, about which today’s children probably need a ton of reassurance. Unfortunately, they’re not watching Mr. Rogers anymore.”

Sage advice from James Kirchick:

And Deroy Murdock says “It’s Time For A Big, Fat Gay Divorce From The Alphabet People”:

GLAAD is endangering gay kids:

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  1. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    1. I have a transgender nephew. I know more about it than most non-transgender folk, just because I listen.

  2. posted by James N. on

    I’m not dismissing what your nephew says, but there are many, many testimonials by gay men and lesbians who described how they felt they were the opposite sex when they were kids and would have absolutely opted for medical transition if it had been available, and when they became young adults their perspective had changed, and they were very relieved they didn’t (at that time) have the option to transition, because now they are happy being gay men and lesbian women and would have deeply regretted their transitions.
    That’s not to say that all gender disphoric kids will change their perspective, but so many do that it seems prudent to restrain medical transitioning until at least young adulthood.

    • posted by Acoolerclimate on

      This was exactly me. I didn’t want to do traditionally male activities as a kid and I got bullied a lot. I thought it would have been so much easier being a girl. Then I got older and was very happy being male. I shudder that nowadays I would have been put on puberty blockers. I get very sad for all these poor kids that are being transitioned when if people would just wait, they would grow out of it. At least most of them.

  3. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Then what is your solution, beyond tossing young transgender folk under the bus?

    • posted by James N. on

      Psychological couseling for minors with gender dysphoria. When they are adults they can choose medical transition but I would advise them to wait until they experience young adulthood as many with childhood gender dysphoria say that things changed and they came to accept their bodies, and their homosexual orientation, in their early twenties. This is the program that liberal western European nations are adopting, based on medical evidence, not ideological extremism. And I don’t appreciate the “tossing young transgender folk under the bus” comment – why do you assume bad motives to someone because they express a point of view you disagree with?

  4. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Let me see, some homocons want to divorce the “T” from LGBT and you wonder why I might question the motives of said homocons?

    • posted by James N. on

      Edward, you seem to need to paint anyone who disagrees with you in the worst possible light, as tossing trans kids under the bus because, I guess, they’re just hateful. You haven’t, however, responded to the arguments about the dangers of leading gay kids into transitioning when the medical evidence strongly suggests they should wait. If I wanted, I could ask why you favor tossing gay kids under the bus, but that that would be immature and churlish.

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