Trans Ideology and the New Homophobia

Ben Appel writes:

All around me, it seemed, straight people were spontaneously identifying into my community and then policing our behaviours and customs. I began to think that this broadening of the ‘trans’ and ‘queer’ umbrella was giving a hell of a lot of people a free pass to express their homophobia. …

I wondered how different these so-called trans kids were from the little boy I had been. Obviously, I grew up to be a gay man and not a transwoman. But how could gender clinicians tell the difference between a young boy expressing his homosexuality through gender nonconformity, and someone ‘born in the wrong body’? I decided to dig deeper into the real history of medical transition.

It’s well worth reading.

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4 Comments for “Trans Ideology and the New Homophobia”

  1. posted by Edward on

    I might be willing to buy the sincerity of the argument, if the solution didnt sound like something favored by hitler or stalin.

  2. posted by Acoolerclimate on

    I agree that we cannot stop people from being trans. People can act any way they want, dress how they want, and modify their bodies how they want. And they have every right to be treated equally to anyone else.
    There are some things I wish we could all agree on.

    1. That people’s biological sex does not change. If you are born a male, you will always be male. Your gender can be whatever you feel, but your sex is immutable.

    2. We base policy decisions on sex and not gender. Gender is wishy washy. People can be feminine today and masculine tomorrow. People can be studious and neither masculine or feminine. Within reason of course. Buck Angel should be welcome in the men’s room, but bio males in women’s sports and locker rooms, not so much.

    3 Trans people stop expecting people to be attracted to them based on gender and not on sex. We are sexual beings that involve sex. Not gender. I can be attracted to bio males who present in lots of different ways, but I’ll never be attracted to a female presenting as male. And I shouldn’t be called transphobic because of something that is innate to my being.

    4. We should be legally allowed to have groupings how we want. (Again within reason). If I as a gay man want to have an erotic massage workshop with only other bio males, I should have that right. This is because I will be touching their bodies. But say a book club doesn’t involve bodily autonomy so would be looked at differently.

    My thoughts. I’m sure some of you could tear this apart, and please do. I want to know where/why I might be wrong on this.

  3. posted by acoolerclimate on

    Oh one more thing.

    5. Children should not be allowed or encouraged to be trans. I myself wanted to be a girl when I was 8-12. But then puberty hit and I’ve been more than happy being male. If I was 8 today, I would be given puberty blockers and encouraged to be trans. That is wrong. Let kids act how they want, but don’t encourage being trans. Let them be. Once they get into their teens, they will have a better idea. Once they are adults, it’s then up to them. And I think the age for this should be 21, like drinking.

  4. posted by Edward on

    Being trans and existing is not the same thing as telling kids to be transgender.

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