Modern Victimology


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  1. posted by Kosh III on

    “some in the activist media claimed that, while such murdering was regrettable, it was also understandable — given supposed Christian, conservative America’s intolerance”
    What a pack of LIES.
    Who in Nashville said this? Not Tennessee Holler, not Nashville Scene, not the Banner, not the Tennessean?
    What was immediately was Don Jr and MT Greene immediately blaming transgenerism.

  2. posted by Edward on

    Political violence is bad. Leftwing or right wing. Historically, its been more of a right-wing thing.

    All the transgender folk I know are either libertarian when it comes to politics or moderately left of center.

    • posted by KevinG on

      New Yorker film critic Pauline Kael famously said after Richard Nixon won a 49-state victory that she didn’t understand how this could be possible, as she didn’t know a single person who voted for him.

  3. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    And i care what a film critic from new york says?

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