Fresh Takes on ‘Drag Queen Story Hours’

Not “groomers” and shouldn’t be outlawed. But let’s not pretend activists don’t have an agenda for promoting DQSH.

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  1. posted by Edward on

    Why this hatred of people who are different?

    • posted by Agee on

      Edward, did you even bother to read these pieces? Sure doesn’t seem like it.

      • posted by Edward on

        I read it. Such hatred. Why?

        • posted by Agee on

          Nothing hateful at all in either of the two pieces that are posted here, as anyone who takes a look will immediately see. Both authors take pains to be even-handed in discussing DQSH.

  2. posted by Kosh III on

    @ Agee there is no even-handedness in the story caption of Quillete “Sad Spectacle:”

    Bruce B needs to understand that here in Tennessee, just like elsewhere what we want is Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. We do NOT need the Regressive party and Theocratic Fasicsts to be our nannies and bully us back into the closet or worse. “Kill a Queer for Christ” is alive and well.

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