The New Mission

Organizations that were once at the forefront of the movement for gay and lesbian rights and social inclusion have morphed into something very different, following the achievement of legal equality for gays and lesbians, and for transgender people. In keeping with fashionable progressive-left trends, they’re now onboard with the war on the gender binary.

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  1. posted by Kosh III on

    Meanwhile, the Government Overreach Party/Christofascists/conservatives continue their campaign of hate against lgbt+

  2. posted by Kevin G. on

    I remember when these groups responded to critics on the right that same-sex marriage and legal equality (which we got via the Supreme Court) would not be a slippery slope to cultural upheaval. All we wanted (what I wanted, what my friends wanted) was equal treatment. To our horror, the right’s fears are coming true — as LGBTQ groups decide they don’t want us to have a place at the table, they want to overturn the table. But it’s nice to see that IGF’s resident opponents of anything Stephen posts still think the problem is Republicans not giving in to this insanity!

  3. posted by Edward on

    Biological Sex is actually a bit more fluid then just two extreme opposites.

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