LGBTQ+ Activists and Journalist Allies Against Practice of Journalism (Addendum)

More on the response to the campaign against the New York Times by GLAAD, Human Rights Campaign, and others for (1) reporting on the medical transitioning of minors and including the critical views of doctors and detransitioners, and (2) running an op-ed defending J.K. Rowling for casting a critical eye on requiring that transmen, including men who simply present as women, be granted access to women-only spaces.

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  1. posted by Edward on

    J.K. said some stupid things. How stupid depends how much you care about transsexuals and hermaphrodites.

    Her treatment of trans characters in her fiction isn’t great. Same thing with her possible anti-semitic cliches.

  2. posted by Edward on

    Frankly, both the far left and the far right are both pretty intolerant of dissenting opinions. Saying or implying that its only leftists is simply BS.

    Trying telling the far right, that Trump lost, science is real, love is love and voting should be as protected as guns.

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