Thou Shall Not Question Woke Holy Writ

Added: More about the woke-left’s protests against the New York Times for daring to report there is debate among doctors over the speed at which gender nonconforming kids are being rushed into medicalized transitioning.

And this:

And Andrew Sullivan weighs in:

And yet the LGBTQ+ woke brigades care not about any of the evidence. Anyone who points out what’s actually happening, most often to gender-nonconforming gay and lesbian kids, is a “TERF” or a “homocon” or some other silly, dismissive insult lobbied by people who shut down their brains long ago to anything outside of the woke-progressive narrative that they parrot with a veracity that makes religious fundamentalists seem like pikers.

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  1. posted by Kosh III on

    This is just a smoke-screen to hide the MANY ways that the GOP (Government Overreach Party) are attacking the rights of LGBT+ as well as black folks and others who are not rich white males.
    Here in Tennessee the theocratic governor and legislature have passed and continue to pass laws aimed at destroying the lives of any who is not them.
    The radical Republicans will not stop until the clock is turned back to 1950 or even better 1850.

  2. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    If the right-wing supported actual transsexuals and hermaphrodite youth, might be willing to take this selective outrage more seriously.

  3. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    The radical Republicans will not stop until the clock is turned back to 1950 or even better 1850.

    I think, unfortunately, you are right.

    Nikki Haley just came out for extending “Don’t Say Gay” throughout grade school, DeSantis and Trump are competing hard to see who can anti-trans the other, Republicans state legislatures are promoting (and in many cases, enacting) anti-gay legislation of all manner of sorts, some of which haven’t seen the light of day in several years, the only out gay Republican Congress member is embracing the anti-X initiatives with a vengeance, and LCR just named Isabella Riley Moody (who is loudly anti-LGBT) as an “Outspoken Ambassador”.

    It goes on and on, and it keeps getting worse rather than better. Gregory Angelo (then head of LCR) called the 2016 Republican Platform “the most anti-LGBT platform in the Republican Party’s 162-year history”. We haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until we see the 2024 Republican Platform.

  4. posted by Agee on

    Wow, above comments sure prove Stephen’s point about closed-minded parroting of the woke narrative! Sure, blame Republicans trying to roll back LGBTQIAXYZ+++ rights and ignore the evidence provided by gay people, transgender people, and progressives who have had enough of this insanity.

  5. posted by Jorge on

    In a saner world, Hogwarts Legacy, an action RPG video game based on Rowling’s books, is a massive hit.

    Which I would be celebrating harder (even though I’ll never buy it) if I weren’t already happy with some other boycott fizzles (notably Chick Fil-A).

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