Liberating ‘Gay’ from LGBTQ+

Yes, another compilation post on the single most important issue facing gays and lesbians today, especially with regard to protecting gay youth. Pointing this out drives LGBTQ+ wokists apoplectic.

Along with safeguarding the rights of women, another vital reason to separate LGB and trans rights is saving gay kids from being pushed onto the trans train:

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>>Woke guy goes from “trans surgeries on minors aren’t happening” to “they are happening and it’s good” in record time.<<

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  1. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    First, an observation. You seriously need to talk to Log Cabin Republicans.

    The “ISSUES” section of the LCR website does not even list “the single most important issue facing gays and lesbians today”:


    — Legislative protection for LGBTQ people in the workplace, ensuring that no one can be fired on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.
    — Protections for religious liberties, helping to find a balance between fairness, equality, and individual liberty.
    — Additions to existing civil rights, anti-bullying, and housing bills to include both sexual orientation and gender identity as legally protected groups.


    — Lowering taxes across the board.
    — Slashing regulation, particularly on small businesses.
    — Expanding economic opportunity.


    — International decriminalization of homosexuality.
    — International decriminalization of gender identity/expression for trans people.
    — Eradication of the death penalty as a means of punishment for LGBT people.
    — Sanctions against any country which, to any extent, criminalizes LGBT people.
    — Recognition, in the granting of requests for asylum, of the plight of LGBT people who are persecuted and threatened with execution.


    — Legal protections ensuring that LGBT couples may adopt or provide foster care in any program sponsored by federal, state, and local governments.
    — Legal protections ensuring that governments do not discriminate against adoption or foster care services that include LGBT couples.


    — A nationwide ban on conversion therapy for anyone under the age of 18.


    — Protecting the Second Amendment in its entirety.
    — Expanding Second Amendment rights to allow concealed carry in every state.


    — High availability for preventative medications such as PrEP.
    — High availability of testing for at-risk communities.
    — Aggressive treatment for those suffering from HIV/AIDS.
    — Subsidies for HIV/AIDS-related medications and treatment.

    You and other conservative homosexuals need to make the effort to educate LCR (which purports to speak for gay and lesbian Republicans) and bring them on board. LCR is miles behind conservative homosexuals and legislators when it comes to “the single most important issue facing gays and lesbians today”. Republican legislators have introduced bills all across the country banning medical treatment for transgender people before the age of 21, criminalizing that treatment in many cases, and LCR seems hopelessly out of touch.

    Second, a question: What happened to your purported “libertarian” principles? You used to at least give lip service to the rights of individuals (in the case of medical treatment for transgender children, parents) to make decisions free from government interference. In the last few years, the only individual freedom you seem to mention is the freedom of conservative Christians to discriminate against gays and lesbians. What changed?

  2. posted by Edward on

    When is an author of fantasy novels, which I like, an expert on something that requires advanced training in something more then writing popular novels?

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