Because Kids Matter More than Woke Gender Ideology

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  1. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    What about hermaphrodites — people born with both male and female organs/characteristics. Do you really want them to wait until they turn 18 to have some sort of corrective surgery?

    What about actual transsexuals — people who go through the proper, lengthy process?

  2. posted by Edward on

    Also, is the right really cared about kids, they would not be passing “dont say gay” bills.

  3. posted by Kosh III on

    If the Regressive Right really cared about kids they wouldn’t have turned a blind eye to kids in cages on the border.
    If the Regressive Right really cared about kids: here in Tennessee the Dept of Children’s Services has been for years chaotic and dysfunctional. Kids sleep on the floor for months at a time, and go without basic services and needs. The GOP governor and Legislature makes pious noises but has done nothing .

  4. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    I wonder what Stephen thinks about the appropriate age to begin transitioning. The majority of bills being introduced in state legislatures this year set the age at 21, which is three years after legal adulthood, but at least one bill (OK Senate Bill 129) sets the age at 26. I suspect what we will see over the next few years is an increase in minimum age to begin transitioning because goal of the anti-transgender movement is to ban transitioning at any age. However this shakes out, we can expect Stephen to pound the anti-transgender gun.

  5. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    Hmmm …

    We’ll have to see where it goes through the 2024 election cycle, after which, hopefully, the issue will have worn itself out as a wedge.

    The Republicans are beginning to file this year’s bills in state legislatures, and a picture is emerging — teachers required to address children by birth-certificate gender, criminal penalties for gender-affirming care of minors, child welfare investigations into parents who provide gender-affirming care for their children with an eye to placement of the children into foster care, and so on.

    If all this were nothing more than an election-cycle wedge, it would be harmless, since few of the Republican bills are expected to pass. However, the situation could turn ugly in a New York minute if state agencies begin to get involved, as Governor DeSantis seems to be determined to make happen in Florida.

    That’s happened in Texas with respect to a drug used to treat auto-immune diseases. The drug can, in some cases, be an abortificant. As a result, Texas doctors are no longer willing to prescribe the drug to patients who might become pregnant, including one of my family members. Her choices are stark: treat the auto-immune disease will less effective drugs, have her tubes tied, or give up her business and move out of Texas.

    We saw Texas child welfare agencies begin to start investigating parents with transgender children last year, and I expect to see other states adopt similar measures in the new few years.

  6. posted by Edward on

    Also i think sweden has legal, maybe constitutional, protections against lgbt discrimination.

  7. posted by Edward on

    Yeah, I checked. Sweden has both constitutional and enacted protections.

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