GLAAD warns about the dangers of “dragphobia.”

Maybe bringing young kids to exhibitionistic performances is part of the reason. And, yes, I realize the anti-gay right is making good use of this and there may be “pronoun issues” in their responses (although debatable, as these are drag performers not transwomen, and there’s a difference). But they didn’t fake these photos and videos or the even more explicit ones from “family friendly performances” that can be seen on social media.

And worse (with even more-explicit photos on social media):

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  1. posted by Edward on

    Maybe, let parents raise their own darn kids. Maybe, violence is not acceptable.

    • posted by Jorge on

      When a ruler fails to protect his people, violent rebellion that overthrows the ruler is justified by divine providence.

      Or at least, that’s what the new emperors say.

      No force on earth appears to be able to get drag shows that are advertised as family friendly to actually refrain from showing R-rated content. This becomes an issue of public concern when drag shows occur outside of the knowledge and control of parents. You condemn violence as a solution, yet offer no alternate solution on your own. It seems to me that it is a more urgent concern that the right thing be done.

      Libs of Tik Tok is showing the way. By having vigilant eyes and ears, and talking about what is occurring, social condemnation of drag is increasing, based on very specific grievances. Drag has two choices: change or fail.

      I think what’s going to happen is that drag performance will be replaced by poetry readings by non-binary people. What do they call it now, drag book reading day or something?

  2. posted by Edward on

    No. Violence is not acceptable to express an objection. Not when we have the 1st Amendment.

  3. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    Violence is sometimes a solution; sometimes not. Whatever the case in our current situation, I think that we are going to see an increase in political/cultural violence over the next several years.

    The violence will not rise to the level of the “civil war” fantasy of the far right, in which hundreds of thousands of liberals, queers, Jews and African-Americans are killed in an epic Storm in which evil is vanquished once and for all.

    Instead, we are likely to experience something akin to “Bloody Kansas”, a running, violent skirmish between political factions — an assassination here, a shopping mall or club shot up there, a school targeted here, a church or synagogue bombed there, a polling place shot up somewhere else, a library burned to the ground in yet another location.

    In other words, more of what we are now experiencing, but at an increased level of both violence and frequency. It will go on for years, and the result will, in my opinion, be inconclusive.

  4. posted by Edward on

    Also, where is the right-wing outrage over Bugs Bunny in drag?

    • posted by Kosh III on

      “Also, where is the right-wing outrage over Bugs Bunny in drag?”

      And Milton Berle and Flip Wilson, parading around on national tv weekly during hours when children could watch? Ooooo the humanity…..

    • posted by Tom Scharbach on

      Also, where is the right-wing outrage over Bugs Bunny in drag?

      And Log Cabin Republicans hosting Lady MAGA “happy hour” events in family-oriented restaurants during normal business hours.

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