Progressives’ Exclusionary Spin on Respect for Marriage Act

A chance to celebrate bipartisanship on marriage equality is ignored by hyper-partisan Biden.

Added: Biden’s White House party and the way it was staged is giving the anti-gay right (including at the Heritage Foundation, among others) evidence that they were correct in opposing the bill. That’s unfortunate, given that the legislation is both “good for gays” and good for those who hold traditional religious views on marriage.

And worth repeating:

And this!

3 Comments for “Progressives’ Exclusionary Spin on Respect for Marriage Act”

  1. posted by Edward on

    Only a handful of Republicans backed the bill.

  2. posted by Jorge on

    It’s a good law, we should legislate stuff like this more often. The Defense of Marriage Act was good in its day. This is even better.

  3. posted by Edward on

    Um. No. DOMA was unjust.

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