What Might Be Learned from the Sam Brinton Saga

Also, Wayne Besen exmaines whether Brinton’s conversion-therapy-torture claims were “contrived or embellished to manipulate high-profile leaders and elevate themself into the upper echelons of LGBTQ+ activism.”

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  1. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    “Brinton is not just some random non-binary dude who happened to get caught up in a scandal and would otherwise have been anonymous. He was hired specifically to push gender ideology on the American public, and in the most in-your-face manner.”

    Interesting idea — hiring an MIT-trained nuclear engineer as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy “specifically to push gender ideology on the American public, and in the most in-your-face manner”. Somehow the post seems an unlikely platform from which to push gender ideology on the public, at least in “the most in-your-face manner”. Sparks of nonsense to me.

  2. posted by Jorge on

    Because as Steve Yuhas probably once learned, no matter how hard you try to ignore the “Always Fabulous, Outrageous, You Go Girl! No Wonder People Think We’re Nuts, GAY NEWS”, it always forces itself to be commented on.

    Let’s face it: none of us would spend any time on Sam Brinton’s luggage thefts if he weren’t a prominent “non-binary” Energy Department official.

    Really??? Is being fired for repeated criminal behavior actually common in the White House?

    (No, dear, it’s that it’s common in working class America.)

    it wouldn’t be a story but for the bigotry of Right-wingers who want to use it to discredit the gender ideology sweeping the nation.</i?

    What's there to say? Being an out and accepted social transvestite didn't cure the root causes of Mx. Brinton's fetishism. Ze had to find a forbidden way to get women's clothes. I don't think anyone actually cares about that. Except for the poor women he stole from. I don't want to spend my Friday evening dump caring about justice for spendthrift female travelers from months ago. (Or, for that matter, internal reporters who suddenly drop dead.) But, it's part of the job description of making a decent society, so out he goes.

    …And, unsurprisingly, his behavior tracked exactly with the expectations of people who believe that Brinton’s gender confusion is a result of a mental illness of some kind.

    Oh. Busted.

    So my answer is simple: the Sam Brinton story matters a lot, because the Biden Administration made it matter. Brinton is their symbol, and we all knew it was a symbol of corruption. Now the general public is seeing the corruption behind it as well.

    The Biden administration’s over-the-top moralizing has done much that is good for this country. If incidentally. It went frosty toward Saudi Arabia after the murder of a dissident with permanency US residency, then got shunned and had to beg to be on civil speaking terms after gas prices hurt Americans. The struggle of facing up to the price of principle has been the defining political theme in the US and to some extent internationally over the past 3 years. By both baring its teeth and mollifying, the Biden administration has modeled a flexible mix of integrity, pragmatism, and accountability toward the people that has been an important alternative to the Trumpists and authoritarians alike. We’ve seem a similar dynamic with the infrastructure bill, and with inflation and monetary relief. Biden is a progressive weak president, and it’s served this country well. We’re not going to insulate the Biden White House or anyone from the consequences of their actions.

  3. posted by Edward on

    Fire him. Dont fire him. Whatever. Meanwhile antisemitism is on the rise. Violence against transsexuals is on the rise…..

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