Effeminacy Warrants Castration?

Worth repeating:

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  1. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Again. Actual transsexuals do exist.

  2. posted by agee on

    It’s extremely clear from multiple studies (remember, follow the science?), that minors with gender dysphoria are extremely likely to become comfortable with their biological sex (and, typically, their homosexuality) post-adolescence and by their early 20s. Putting minors on puberty blockers (not easily reversible, with life-long consequences for sexual development and which almost inevitably begins the road to surgery), is the woke version of conversion therapy, but because it has the approval of the left, all the progressives fall in line to champion it.
    The small percentage of people who, as adults, want to gender-transition (many of whom did not display gender-nonconforming behavior as children!) can do so as adults. It is a far greater crime to facilitate this among minors who are likely to otherwise be happy and healthy gay men and lesbian women than it is to delay the procedure for the small minority of actual adult transsexuals.

  3. posted by Jorge on

    The homocons are coming! The homocons are coming! I’m so glad really conservative gay+es have found their voice. And helped more moderate people get more clout behind ours.

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